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Does The Rise Of Mobile Threaten Google Dominance?


Currently 60% of traffic comes from mobile platforms and Google wants to suggest links to smartphone users to sites that are adapted for viewing on small screens for full user experience. So they start a new search algorithm that affects only Google.com mobile search engine.

The algorithm aims to have to increase the ranking of websites that are customized for reading on smartphones. It does not affect the rating of a website for PCs. The algorithm is not as Panda and Penguin, and works in real time.  Google has developed this algorithm because they saw a threat to increasing use of smartphones and less using of desktop computers. If a web of cells is not adjusted according to the proposed good practice from Google, then the owner  has a little less than a month to fix things. Otherwise, there is a strong chance of losing current position in the search results. After that it is possible to search results do not show “Mobile Friendly” (for mobile devices) but Google will change it over time.

Basically the new algorithm change will hit small businesses, portals and professional blogs, and everyone else that have responsive design. Adaptation test of any website to mobile devices, you can check here. Below is infographic which will show you more info:

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