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The Rise of Ebook Nation

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Study has proven that people are reading ebooks more then ever before. If you wonder what was the first ebook, well it dates back all the way to 1993 if you would believe. It was called ” world’s first electronic novel ” on 2 floppy disks.

This was the beginning destruction of the literature as we know it. The guy who did it was Peter James and he was accused of killing a novel. 2 years later Peter could be found at University of Southern California talking along with Steve Jobs. The novel itself was a story about person who uploads his brain inside computer, and has his entire body frozen, something similar like in Transcendence movie with Johnny Deep, if you didn’t watched it I recommend it to you. It now stands in Museum of Science collection as historical artefact. After that, people were moving slowly from looking at ebook only as text on computer screen.

When internet was born, information and file sharing was more easy so it was huge step for digital books. Today we have writers that are writing especially for ebook versions instead of traditional printed media. They are doing this because after ebook is finished it could be sold, and also it costs nothing to write but only takes your time. There’s also an option of giving ebook for free, or even promoting your business with it. Publishing digital books is exciting industry that’s growing each day.


After Amazon introduced Kindle book reader in 2007, it revolutionized book reading. Lots of people are using their tablets for reading a book or buying specific ebook readers. When you look around yourself everything is slowly becoming digital. Just like school systems are now having digital school directory where teachers type grades online, so your parents can sign in and see how good or bad you’re performing in school. I think one of great sides of ebook is because they are stored as electrical data, so it gives you chance to save thousands of ebooks in your reader and bring with yourself on vacation.  It also gives you opportunity to make yourself new great writer. Imagine yourself on beautiful island writing some interesting novel, or maybe movie script that will going to be next great movie.


People no longer have the need to go to store and find a book, they have all the information available by the numbers at screen, and big book providers like Barnes&Nobel will shut down most of their storefronts. It will also change the way money is made with selling books, just as many times before we had other transitions with technology.

There was interesting speculation that when you hold physical book in hands it gives you an understanding of text you’re reading that you cant get from starring into screen and reading digital version. I still love to feel real book in my hand, and the smell of paper. I don’t like ebooks. If I see interesting book I may download online preview but I will always buy physical book as long as industry is alive. I feel sad because I know soon enough, it’s going to be major transformation in the field of book market. But, we have to adapt on whatever the future bring, in order to making progress. So, below you can check out the infographic which shows how we became the ebook nation:

eBook Nation