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Facts About Led Signage

LED Signage

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LED signage is a way of visual communication, and for any company to convey their message, bright light that is of high quality is essential. LED signages are not all created equally. There are some big differences between various LED signage types and if you don’t know them, they could as well hurt your wallet. But let’s start with basics first. What is actually LED? It means Light Emitting Diode. So LED is actually a small light bulb, but little different from classic bulbs. They are far more efficient, with longer life span and they don’t have filament. If you don’t know what filament is, it’s lightning in bulb where light is being produced, so filament is being heated with electricity and cause of this, light is produced. Do you remember when you touched bulb, it was hot? Well, that’s because light has been on for a while.

LED Signage

LED bulbs are not using filaments and this is why they are much more efficient. So entire electricity is being used to make light and not heat. They are cheaper, and did you knew that message signs with old bulbs could run up to bills over $500 dollars each month? With the using of LED bulbs in signs, those bills have dropped to $50 dollars or even less. In the older days, signs that had bulbs and not LED, operated in more expensive way because you would have to contact service to change bulbs each month, and only that could cost you around $200 dollars or even more. LEDs that are used in most signages can last up to 11 years or if you wish 100,000 hours. You have to admit that is a long period of time.

LED signage 101

Now that we know something about LED basics, there are also 3 terms in industry for LED signs that we need to know. They are Pitch, Matrix and Pixel. Pixel is what is created of individual LEDs that are connected together. Number of LEDs in each of pixel is different. There could be 5 or 30 LEDs in just one pixel. Biggest factor that will determine how much LEDs are in a pixel is pitch of LED sign’s pixels. Pitch actually determines the image crispness quality. The third part is called Matrix. Matrix is defining physical size of signages. We also have indoor and monochrome led signage where matrix determines how much text lines or characters can be put on the sign.

If you select right pitch from start, when you’re purchasing LED signage, it can save you lots of money. So the question is, what type of LED signage should it be? Monochrome or Color? Most people who sell LED signs will tell you color ones are more effective. I think this is not entirely true. Yes, color signage can be effective for some of applications but not all of them. Honestly, color ones are more expensive then monochrome.

It all requires specific consideration and careful planning. The real question, depends on what you’re selling or advertising. If you are for example, selling cars, you will definitely use signage with pictures. So, if you’re planning to buy LED sign, make sure that whoever you’re dealing with is professional when it comes to programming them. If a person or people you hire up don’t roll up their sleeves and really dig into your idea you need to be careful as LED signage is not just one size that fits everything. Whether you’re promoting daily specials, highlighting menu items, or creating an inviting atmosphere, restaurant signs outdoor can be a valuable investment for attracting customers and enhancing the visibility of your establishment.