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6 Reasons To Use Digital Signage For Your Workplace – 2024 Guide

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The digital signage industry is at a very important crossroads. As hardware prices fall and connectivity becomes easier – many industries are exploring something new. That’s why making digital signage becomes a very useful tool not only in marketing – but also in the workplace, within the company. Why is it like that? We will give you 6 reasons to use digital signage in your workplace.

A Marketing Tool Tailored To Everyone

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It is already known that digital signage shows exceptional results when it comes to classic marketing campaigns. We can see that especially if we are talking about retail facilities, hotels, restaurants, etc. – where the results of such advertising are successful at a very high percentage. However, in recent years we have become more aware of the impact of digital signage in other areas as well, especially in the workplaces. Have you noticed that these marketing tools are increasingly used in public transport, production facilities, hospitals, and many other companies? You probably have. In the workplace – digital signage is used for a very similar purpose as in marketing. It is a technology that serves to connect with your target group – in this case with employees.

Why Use Digital Signage In The Workplace?

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Statistics have shown that digital signage has a measurable impact on the consumer experience – and we already know that. But did you know that it can have an equal impact on the employees in your company? Believe it or not – this is where consuming psychology comes into place. Employees respond far better to information that is placed in this way – than to standard traditional methods such as emails or newsletters. The basic success of such a business strategy – lies in the fact that humans are primarily visual beings. When something visually intrigues them, they immediately pay attention to it. On the other hand, this is definitely a more fun and interesting way to place some information with your employees. The visual appeal and relevant information presented in this way reduce boredom and frustration among employees – and stimulate not only the absorption of information but also productivity.

Companies that carefully present their key messages to employees this way – will see progress in raising employee awareness. According to some research, a lot of companies have almost doubled their effectiveness when it comes to informing their employees with the help of digital signage.

The Power And Impact Of The Digital Signage

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You have probably seen digital displays that contain various information – useful for both service users and employees in certain jobs. For example, by going to the doctor’s office as a patient – you will see digital content that stimulates you to quit smoking or promotes healthier living habits. In the same way, the staff in the office is informed when the office is free – and when it is the turn of the next patient. This is just one example that can explain the usefulness of digital signage in the workplace. It’s a similar thing when you see a light sign in the music studio that warns you that “recording is in progress”. Many other companies have also recognized the power and impact of digital signage on employees – and it is not surprising that they are increasingly used. According to Indigo Workplace, there are many reasons to use digital signage in the workplace. We will point out some of them.

1. Business communication

Enter any office building or factory and you will notice digital signage technology used in different ways. Displays are arranged in lobbies, meeting rooms, canteens, waiting rooms – and other areas where people gather. Digital signage solutions are especially effective in areas where people stay longer. For example, setting up a display in the lobby provides a great opportunity to tell a story about your company and its employees – or to keep your employees informed about news within the company.

2. Increases the visibility of important information

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One of the biggest problems employers have – is how to provide information to employees in an original and receptive way. When we resort to standard options such as sending emails – most employees do not remember the essence, and many don’t even read it. Therefore, digital signage is one of the interesting interactive solutions that will help you attract and retain the attention of your employees.

3. It improves the relationship between management and employees

For example, as employees walk through the central hall of your company – on the screen, they can see information about new board members, their pictures, etc. They can also see something more about the values that your management promotes. In this way, you can make a basic connection between the management and employees – where you will bring people from the top of the company closer to the employees in a receptive way.

4. It distributes important information efficiently

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In case of danger, the existing digital signage network can broadcast information that is important for evacuation, saving human lives – or information about the nearest shelters around.

5. It saves time and money

Preparing conventional means of advertising requires time, money – and is quite expensive. Therefore, the use of this platform leads to a significant reduction in cost and efficiency.

6. Improves the efficiency of employees

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Some very important information for the company, or some extremely important information – can be distributed in this way. Such information can especially be related to safety at work, environmental protection, etc. However, it can also be stimulative in other ways. For example, you can put a picture of the worker of the month – and stimulate others to be as productive. Also, when employees arrive at their workplace – they want to know what their actual task is. Digital signage technology enables them to do just that – through various means of networking and information. Some research claim that productivity increases from 20% to 25%.


Increasingly, the industry continues to look for a new way to innovatively use digital signage – in order to achieve intra-company communication goals. The digital signage market is evolving at a rapid pace and its value is growing. From all the above, we can conclude that numerous reasons indicate the importance of digital signage – which successful business people must not ignore. Therefore, take advantage of a modern and new way to achieve your business goals and missions of your company.