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Pop Music: 4 Facts

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Pop music originated in the mid-1950s and is considered a popular genre. Its popularity surpassed that of encompassed rock and roll and the youth-oriented styles it influenced. During the late 1960s, rock and pop music remained linked to the period. However, as time progressed, pop music became more commercialized and accessible.

Choruses and hooks are part of what makes pop music uniquely pop. The songs are essential, and the rhythms and tempos are easy to dance to. Elements are borrowed from other styles such as rock, urban, dance, country, and Latin. However, pop music and pop are terms that people often use around the world interchangeably.

However, what is considered pop is those that appear on music charts.

Now that we’ve given you a rundown of pop music, we’re sharing some fun facts about pop!


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You have music in an online casino Philippines, too, but outside of that, it is a whole world. Many people have always perceived Michael Jackson as pop music’s father, but someone else was the proponent of pop music. Michael Jackson made many contributions to pop music, including his music videos and iconic musician status; Thomas Edison remains a proponent of pop music. Edison had been playing with a recording and reproducing sound during the 19th century. In his time, he eventually produced the phonograph. It was due to the phonograph that the gramophone became possible, thanks to German inventor Emilie Berliner.

The invention helped make mass recording possible and made pop music recordable and shareable for the masses to enjoy. Many people took the invention and continued to expand on it, allowing it room for innovation and improvement. However, pop music was only possible with the phonograph that Thomas Edison invented.

The Business

Pop music is a big business, with many people involved in the moneymaking scheme behind the music. Production staff help make the recordings sound good; distribution staff help with selling the music, and studio staff. Moreover, there is a special kind: the tour staff, who support the performer or band in going around the world or country, for concerts. Some assist with the equipment and packages, while others drive the bus and cars to make the event possible.

For more information, promotional stuff is crucial for the music business. They promote the music of the musician or band and even make an effort to go to radio stations and give the CD to managers. Meanwhile, on the PR side, some staff write press releases about the band, which get published in newspapers.


Teenagers appreciate pop music more than adults. Years ago, it was also popular with adults. However, a massive component of that was because of the past. Now, pop music has attracted a much younger generation. Moreover, pop songs are easy to sing, with repeated choruses and are fun to sing.


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Talent, hard work, and passion have helped establish many musicians and made people rich, from Jay-Z to P. Diddy. Paul McCartney is considered the richest musician worldwide, with a 1.2 billion fortune because of his 25 studio compilations, over 75 music videos, and 37 albums. The Beatles-related royalties have also contributed to his wealth.

Wrapping Up

Pop music is as fun as it comes. Without pop music, we certainly would not have had specific influences in our childhoods – or our tastes in media. It’s also worth noting that pop music, in a way, has an inherent value to it.