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Elephone P9000 Lite – Ultimate Pursuit For Perfection 2024

elephone p9000 lite

elephone p9000 lite

Put it simply, Elephone P9000 Lite is smartphone with affordable pricing, great hardware and performance along with superb craftsmanship. No wonder Elephone smartphones were the most wanted bezel-less smartphones by the end of 2015 year. It is so slim with only 1,6mm of narrow bezel with metal framing. It’s one thing to make big screens on mobile phones but another to keep the entire body of phone being slim. It’s also very reliable, grip on the fingers and light in the hand, and more resisting to corrosion and scratches. This product went through 34 hours of design processing and 220 hours of cut processes. When you look at the screen it looks like amazing visual effects with color saturation of 95% and resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixel. Animations look almost like reality.

You can choose from model in 2 colors, black or white. It’s down to personal taste.

Elephone P9000 lite

You probably wonder about phone’s specifications now. Well, it has 4 GB of RAM memory built in with 32 gb ( expendable)  internal data storage. It is powered with reliable and smooth octa core Helio P10 64-bit processor, and consumes less power while running. It can easily process running more complex ,games, graphics or apps. The phone is powered with the latest technology, yes you’ve guessed it, wireless charging along with 3,000mAh battery that is available inside. It is safe, charges really fast and gives you hours of power for all day long. It would took you only 10 minutes of charging battery for 3-4 hours talking on the phone. But for this you will have to buy wireless charger separately.

elephone p9000 linte charging


Sony 13MP camera guarantees you extraordinary shoots and quality of images along with excellent laser assisting focus so you can take your photo with clear details and rich colors. What’s really interesting is taking slow motion videos in 1080p, as it really captures moment and brings you in another world. If you like to take selfie pictures there’s also 5MP snapper ( OmniVision’s)  available on the front.

elephone p9000 lite camera

Very cool feature that comes with this smartphone is ability to lock your phone with fingerprint ID. It gives you instant recognition and great protection of your privacy. I really like this as I always thought of having fingerprint lockers on my house doors too.

elephone p9000 lite fingerprint

Such a great smartphone Elephone P9000 Lite comes with pre-installed Marshmallow 6.0 OS. It’s no surprise because it’s the coolest and latest system. It will help you having more wonderfull and smooth experience.  Phone is also equipped with dual- SIM headset which means it can hold to 2 sim cards. I honestly think that this is really amazing smartphone judging by specs and price. This phone was made to be different from others and it really does deliver what it says, I hope it’ll rock your world too.

You can find Elephone P9000 Lite on the presale on GeekBuying webshop until 31st March and price is $220, so you can save up to 59%. Official sales/delivery begins after 31st, and regular price will be $530. For additional details and purchase you can check this link.