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Glass Neon vs. Led Neon Signs ─ Know Basic Differences & Pick the Best One

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Neon-colored signs are quite popular these days to gain the attention of every tourist or traveler. Many restaurants, café companies, hotels, etc., install these LED signs to broadcast their brand name. These neon highlighting lights are effectively visible to every person, and they attract them to enter the venue.

You can find two types of such lights: the flex is either made up of LED or glass. Many people are confused when picking the best neon-colored flex sign lights. It is necessary to know the difference to make a better decision.

In the following write-up, we will compare these two types of neon signs and decide which is the best. Knowing everything about the available features will help you make a wise decision. You can install the right types of neon-colored signs for your brand representation cost-effectively.

1. Affordable

This factor is a major concern for many brands. You must consider the cheap ones with good quality. You must know which is cheap, and you do not have to spend much on its replacement, purchase, and installation.

When it comes to the price, the winner is the LED one. Nowadays, the use of LEDs is quite trendy and is available at a low price. You can expect it to last longer, but you cannot repair it once it gets damaged. It needs replacement, and there is no guarantee of its quality.

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2. Durability

Once you install the sign for your brand representation, you must make it last for a long time. The LED signs are comparatively more durable than glass ones. The quality of the signs is quite good, and you can twist them with proper flexibility.

Its PVC is flame-retardant. But glass neon-colored signs are fragile, and they can shatter easily. Considering the durability factor, you must pick the LED one.

3. Energy-efficient

Everyone wants to save electricity expenses while running any restaurant business. The LED signs are quite energy-efficient with enhanced safety features. You can operate these lights for the whole night and attract your customers.

It is better to choose energy-efficient neon signs to save money on electricity bills. But in the case of glass neon signs, the massive concern is safety, which is hard to attain.

Therefore, the winner is LED over the glass ones.

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4. Safety

The glass lights are easy to break and are at a higher risk of damage. If it gets hot, it can break and can cause harm. On the other hand, there is no risk of breakage as it can resist heat. When it comes to safety, you should prefer the LED sign for your brand representation.

Due to the high risk of glass breakage, it is unsafe to install it. Every brand must use safety devices to keep its customers satisfied.

5. Easy Installation

You can simply buy the LED sign and hang it outside the restaurant. It is easy to mount the lights like a painting on the wall. But in the case of glass neon signs, you need to call an engineer who can install the device.

Whenever you need replacement, you need professional assistance for installation.

Therefore, many people prefer easy installation without any assembling or expert help.

The winner for an easy installation is an LED sign in neon colors.

6. Portability

The LED neon-colored signs are quite portable because they are lightweight. You can order it online and get it shipped from any place. You can receive the parcel without any damage. But the glass ones are fragile and can break easily.

If you want to move to another place and take your sign board to another location, it is better to prefer the LED one. Many people order the flex board from another region and need it to be shipped to their place. Portability is a crucial factor, and you must prefer a portable device.

7. Easy Maintenance

There is no need to maintain the LED neon-colored signs. You need to replace the existing one with a new sign if it gets damaged. But in the glass sign, you need to clean the glass regularly to avoid deposits of dust and debris.

It is necessary to call a professional for regular maintenance. If you skip maintenance, you need to spend more money later. You can find here and order any custom neon sign and get a new one here.

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8. Appearance

If you want your brand sign to look more authentic and vintage, you must prefer the glass neon lights. It looks like you have an old and popular restaurant in the city. Its authentic appearance can attract many customers and increase your monthly sales.

But if you prefer the LED ones, you can choose the modern and latest look. It is your choice to go with any option you desire. The appearance of your brand sign matters a lot when it comes to attracting customers.

9. Restrictions

In many countries, it is not allowed to use neon-colored glass signs due to many reasons.

If you do not want to be stuck in such things, it is better to prefer the LED one. In every country, the use of LEDs is widely accepted.

You must follow all the regulations before installing any sign for your brand representation. Due to no restrictions, the LED sign is the winner; you must go for it for better results. You can only make your brand name visible when you go for a non-restricted sign.

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The Bottom Line

Before picking any neon-colored LED sign, it is important to know some basic differences between them. Comparatively, the LED sign is way better than the glass one in terms of safety, portability, affordability, durability, etc.

Your brand representation depends on your choice, and it is necessary to make wise decisions to attract your customers. Understand all the basic differences and decide what is best for business. It may take time, but you need to decide with patience and a calm mind.