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How should look a modern resume – Infographic


As we said in the previous post, the appearance of your resume is important to distinguish yourself among others.  Once again, we will revise.

Resume or CV (Curriculum Latin vitaea) is a first impression that you leave your employer or an employee of the selection of the company. The effort that you have to invest to make your resume look like something, is immeasurably small compared to the results that can be achieved with the same. This article won’t look back on what you write, we’ll talk about the design and form of the CV.

Stylish resume of the 21st century uses all that technology offers.

The basic rules of good resume still apply:

  • must comply with a request for a job
  • must include the specific skills, knowledge and experience required in the job description
  • must include achievements and not just job descriptions
  • must be clear because unfortunately gets an average of 6 seconds of attention in the first round

Technology and social networks allow a modern resume to be more interactive and gives you the opportunity to impress potential employers with your knowledge of technology.

In a modern resume are easy to insert images and links that the company can provide additional information about your skills: link to LinkedIn profile that contains your publication, recommendations, a link to your video resume; Blogs and social networks on which you have present yourself as an expert …

What else can you do to impress employers – see infographic made ​​by Colorado Technical University.

resume-infographicJust for you we have selected the top CV templates, ready to use and easy editable. CV Templates you can find here.