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Resume Word Templates


As we said in the previous post, the appearance of your resume is important to distinguish yourself among others.  Once again, we will revise.

Resume or CV (Curriculum Latin vitaea) is a first impression that you leave your employer or an employee of the selection of the company. The effort that you have to invest to make your resume look like something, is immeasurably small compared to the results that can be achieved with the same. This article won’t look back on what you write, we’ll talk about the design and form of the CV.

For example: So we have 312 resumes, 15 of them were really well done, 103 are mess . And all the others are similar as peas in a pod.

Want to be part of the masses? You do not want stand out at anything? We do not believe it! Remember when somebody “invaded” you with the same 1034 photos from vacation. Were you bored? How many shots you remember? Two interesting and good ?? Do we have to continue to explain ?? So how to design a good resume?

Be original and stand out. You basically selling yourself to potential employers. So do your best to rise from the crowd. Show that you are original, creative, you can make it anything else in the world around them.

But should not be resume in a conventional format ? 
On this question the answer is yes and no. Leafing through the literature on job hunting you will find examples that speak positively about creative and crazy resumes, but also you will find examples that speak negatively about them. Why is it so. Employers or personnel selection companies do not like to look for a well hidden information in your CV. Well-known form of the same facilitates job. Which does not mean that you can’t be creative. You just have to find the measure of the same. There is one word from the designer world that we love to use, “overdesign” a word that features a design that is so “designed” that can no longer be used, nor can anyone understand. So balance between two extremes. One is that no one can handle your CV, and the other is to use a pre-made template and relegate boring and lazy.

What to say at the end. Create a resume within a conventional form. But try your best with different formats, fonts (remember only one within a document), a form of titles and other graphic elements.

Still probably wondering in which computerized format to send resume. Doc format from Microsoft Office is 100% safe and if you want your resume to the employer’s computer looks exactly the same as it looks on yours then Adobe pdf right for you.

Because not everyone have adobe Illustrator or photoshop and have no experience with using them, we have selected a few resume word templates just for you.

Creative Resume Word Template

Creative Resume Template - MS Word

We offer MS Word resume CV templates that are simple, but effective enough to refresh your resume and attract attention. A special benefit of these templates may be given to applicants who are fresh out of school and have little (or no) experience – a resume that fits on one sheet of paper on a white background can act humble or ‘blank’, and in this way you will bring into it a little serenity.

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Professional Resume/CV

The perfect way to make the best impression. Strong typographic structure including baseline grid and image alignment to text leading. Very easy to use and customise, extensive help file included. Complete Resume/CV template including 2-page Resume, Cover Letter and Mini-Portfolio. Includes InDesign, Microsoft Word and Photoshop files in International A4 and US/Canada Letter sizes. Premium Resume Word Templates . Download here.




Sewon Clean Resume Template

Professional Resume template in 7 different colors variations, A4 + Letter (with bleed) and Free fonts used include in the ‘Help’ File. Format Included: .doc – Microsoft Word 2003 and later, .docx – Microsoft Word 2007 and later, .idml – Adobe Indesign CS4 & CS5, .indd – Adobe Indesign CS5.5 & later, .eps – Adobe illustrator CS & later, .ai – Adobe illustrator CS5 & later, .psd – Adobe Photoshop CS & later. Download here.




2-Piece Pro Resume + Cover Letter

Features: Colour mode: CMYK, Print ready, Size: A4 – Letter, 300 DPI : PSD File, Customizable. Package Contains: 2 InDesign files, 4 Illustrator files, 4 EPS files, 4 Photoshop files, 4 MS Word files, Minimum Version: Adobe CS3, Minimum MS Word: 2003 / Fully Editable MSWord Files. Download here.



4-Piece Resume

Modern and Clean Resume Template. Very Easy to Edit!! Resume + Cover Letter + Portfolio + About Me. Files: Indesign CS6 file, Indesign IDML file (for older versions), 8 PSD files, 8 .docx files, 8 .doc files. Download here.




Simplicity Resume

A Clean yet elegant resume, that is highly customizable in ether pro tools like Adobe InDesign but can also be edited in de more commercial tools like Microsoft Office Word 2011 and Apple’s iWork pages 2009. Download here.



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