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The Crazy Things People Search For On Google

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The Crazy Things People Search For On Google

There’s no question that Google search engine is powerful and its suggestions can be very useful, but since millions around the world are using it, if you actually pay closer attention when you write, you will see some weirdest, funniest, craziest or dumbest suggestions. People search all kinds of information and you can really discover true gems. Maybe even you searched something strange on Google and asked yourself what are crazy things that people are searching. Many people go straight to Google without even bothering to ask a real person. Google knows it all from technical to generic questions, such as: “How to fix a toaster?”, or “What is the purpose of life?”. One of the most craziest common searches on Google is the question on “How to get away with murder?” with almost 20000 unique searches monthly! That’s pretty crazy you have to admit it. The next one is similar to the first question and it goes: “How to hide a dead body?”, with 10000 searches monthly. There are sure some weird people out there. I just hope that people who are typing this did not actually commit any crime.

The big number of searches has a very funny question. It has an average of 40 thousand monthly searches and the question is: ” Why did I get married? ”. I think many guys are asking that question even now, but without going on Google. You remember the TV show Breaking Bad? Well, it seems that the series has inspired some people to try to create their own underground labs for meth. There are almost 7000 monthly searches on how to cook meth. I think that’s really hilarious. Everyone has some weird pages in their history on web browser, that is better not to be seen by your girl or boyfriend. So it’s logical to think people will also search on how to delete search history. Would you believe if I told you that the question on how to twerk has around 165,000 thousand searches monthly? There are people that think their cat does not love them much. It’s true that some users are searching on how to make their cat to love them, I think it’s pretty funny.

There are also many searches such as: “Is Lady Gaga actually a man?”, or people trying to find naked Lady Gaga pictures. This is very common as many people are searching for pictures of naked celebrities, such as Megan Fox, Britney Spears, Shakira, Beyonce and many more. Girls often search how to ask a guy out on a date. There are almost 15 thousand monthly searches for this one. There are many funny searches such as: “How to win the lottery?”, with around 40 thousand searches, or ‘‘ How do I google something?” with around 5 thousand monthly searches. Google is probably one of most useful things invented online. But sometimes, you got to ask yourself what is wrong with these people, especially when seeing some crazy things.

Some of results really cracked me up. Just read this one: ”Sometimes I like to cover myself in baseline and pretend I’m a slug ”. or ‘‘ Why is my goldfish turning black ‘ ‘or even better ‘‘ What if one day you wake up and you were a chicken nugget ”. I have to admit, I go to Google sometimes just to have a good laugh. Anyway, I hope you had fun reading some of the crazy things people are searching, what are your favorite ones?