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Cool Construction Technology From Around The World 2024


Cool Construction Technology

Amazing projects of constructions are being completed around the world as I write this text. Along with new technology, new methods of building are created. From using flying drones to 3D printing smart helmets for workers and solar panels that are transparent, innovations are starting to have almost revolutionary impact on industry of construction. 2016 will be rich year for construction while technology providing even more, increasing job safety, flexibility and accuracy. Drones are starting to be used increasingly by mapping firms, construction firms and also public agencies. In America, aerial vehicles that have mounted camera are being used to track job progress in real time, or identifying hazards that could happen, especially on projects that are more complex and larger. 3D printing is really fascinating, it allows people to print almost anything if you have right printer and materials.

For many years, companies that deal with construction have come to realize all the benefits that modeling programs can give. The idea is to build even better software with more intelligent data that could enable execution of constructing projects. People can then remove or add information in many ways while at the same time looking how those modification would look in real time. So they don’t need to do all the manual constructive modifications. This is great because it gives engineers and designers a chance to try many models easy and quickly and see what works best. But, modelling technology also allows us to go beyond building models.. It allows us to create fully 3-D models with camera systems that could capture digital panoramas at 360-degree. This saves time for rework and greatly impacts building phase which in the end brings projects of much better quality. Year 2016 will bring much more connectivity through projects at construction industry.

sonstruction technology

We can today use model that was created in one application and track how each of teams are doing work against plan in other software. One of cool constructed technology is also solar panels, but transparent. Number of chemical engineers have created solar panels that let light through when placed over windows. Based on this particular technology, new company in California developed innovation called ClearView Power. This is coating that’s also transparent and could be placed on any kind of surface transforming light into electricity that can be useful. Smart helmets are also new thing. They sure are not ordinary hard hats, since they are developed using 4D augmented reality with special lenses and visor that serves like a display. Helmet is also equipped with sensors and cameras that are helping people to navigate better or collect information. Key goal of this is providing workers with necessary information on how to finish task or instructing them of potential hazards that could happen as well.

I would put it this way. Even the most innovative and cutting edge technology is only good as people at construction site that are working with it. People who are giving contracts and value their workers more with providing good technology training in early stages will often see more benefits on actual work site. Contractors who add more values to machines, and also give more power to workers on jobsite, can optimize their design,planning, scheduling, maintenance and construction better then all years in the past, so the future looks very bright.