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10 Cool Infographics in 2014


Infographics are now one of the most interesting and most practical means of communicating and presenting content in content marketing. They are suitable for online media, but also for offline. They’re amazing because they are legible, clear and bring the reader information in a quick and transparent way. Also, content sharing is facilitated because the data are in one place, and are presented to the reader a fun and interesting way.

What is actually Infographic? It is a graphical representation of information, as was hinted the name suggests. Dull data are presented in an aesthetically pleasing manner, visualized by different figures, pictograms and drawings, making them interesting and easy to consume.

5 steps to making infographics:

  1. Ask yourself what you want to achieve with Infographic
  2. Analysis, research and data collection
  3. Making the information structure
  4. Data Visualization
  5. Designing infographics

5 reasons why to use Infographic:

  1. It promotes a brand
  2. It is easy to understand
  3. Increases interaction with users
  4. Allows sharing on the Internet
  5. Increases visits on site

For what can be used Infographic?

  • presentations
  • educational materials
  • and annual statistical reports
  • PR promotions
  • Company Profiles
  • CVs
  • charts and maps
  • “How-to” guides

Infographics can be used for any other complex and technical topics that you want to display and explain in a simple and understandable way. To find out why is so important to use infographics in your business, you can read one of our previous articles by clicking here.

Below we have selected 10 cool infographics that can be easily used and editable so you can present your business and services.


Sketchy Infographics Elements

This vectors are completely editable, and have a nice “handmade-sketchy” look. All the text is 100% editable! Included in the Download: 2 PDF files, 2 EPS files, 2 Illustartor CS5 files,  Help file. Download here. 



Infographic Elements Pack 04

Create and make you own Infographics Design from a this Infographic elements pack 04. Here are all the elements that you needed to customize your own Inforgraphic Design. Bar charts, pie graphs and more! Download here.



3 Infographic Concept for Presentation

Three vector conceptual compositions of infographic. 100% vector shapes! CMYK color system. Download here.


Infographic Concept & Set of Elements

With this concept you can display not only the direct meaning of the symbols, but also to provide any concepts as clear symbols – company revenues in the form of mountains or trees, the prospects of development – in the form of clouds, pressing problems – in the form of fish, etc. This is a nice set for your imagination and the ability to turn a boring business information into something more pleasing to the eye and clear mind. Download here.



Retro infographics account scheme with a liquid

Retro infographics account scheme with a liquid. Text to curves. Download here.


Cloud Technologies Infographics Elements

A set of elements for creating infographics or presentations on the subject of cloud computing and cloud technologies. Zip invcluded EPS CS (Text to curves), AI CS , AI CS5 files. 100% Vector Shapes. Download here.



Infographic Elements – Statistics

Various vector elements for infographic purposes in fields of statistics, business, finance… Include a help file instructing basic illustrator to edit and customize graphs. Download here.



Big Set of Flat Education Infographics Elements

Big Set of Flat Education infographics elements. Vector Illustration. Can be used for web design and workflow layout, social media, time management, work, navigation. Included: EPS10, AI file, JPG image. Fully editable, vector objects separated and grouped, gradient mesh used. Download here.



Infographics Design Elements Vector Illustration

Vector Illustration, Vector Pattern, includes swatch EPS10 (Contains transparent objects used for shadows drawing, glare and background. Background to give the gloss, opacity), raster version. Illustrations may at your option contain text. Download here.


Fitness Infographic Elements

Set of vector flat infographic elements for the theme of fitness and shaping. Body proportions and weight of a young girl, points to achieve the perfect figure in the form of a measuring tape with icons and informational banners. Download here.