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The Art And Science Of Content Marketing

science and art in marketing

art and science of content marketing

Is marketing science or art? Well, it’s actually both. Many people believe it’s just one of these categories. You can put it this way, marketing on one hand requires analysis and measurements and on the other hand marketing is about changing mindsets and creativity so you can get better results. All of activity in right part of brain goes in art of marketing. People who are in this category are more focused on visual parts, emotions and good storytelling. Left side of brain deals with logical side of marketing. People who are marketing scientists love measuring, testing and analytics. In marketing creative people are playing big role. Data is pushing good results. It’s all about influencing and understanding people. If someone owns a business and has its customers, it’s important to understand how marketing works.

When you have creative idea, you have to put it in market. After the idea has reached inside market you have to measure reactions of customers. It’s process of learning and testing. So it’s combination of scientific and art methods. So when you are focusing from artistic side of marketing, you have to implement and try various programs with customers and see what works and what not. Marketing science is about researching competition, customers, market and how different methods of marketing works.

art and science of content marketing

What you are trying to do, is create demand for your products on market. Some product demanding is happening right now and some in near future. So with using science you will try to predict future demands and pick number of products based on some creative idea. You will use analytics system and data information in similar way artist uses his brushes and oil, chisels and stone or carving kines and wood. You will not get a new idea just by looking what’s already happening or happened on market. It will involve your full creativity because there are almost unlimited possibilities. Focus on what you are putting on market and think how should you put it and how it’s gonna help people or be of some benefit.

While this is really old debate, marketing is as you can see both science and art. They are blending with each other. The point is, you got to have a good balance. When you have a good website don’t focus too much on just science, because your marketing will be too robotic. On the other side, if you are focused too much on art you will forget to measure your customers. Marketing is all about growing bigger with company and art and science are working together strengthening each other side. Marketing can’t work with just art or just science because you have creative people on one side with inspiration to create something new and on the other side you have people who are measuring data on market. Truth is, leaders in marketing field actually are thinking like artists.