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Music for Infographic Video and 50 Premium Infographic Soundtracks


Finding the right infographic music for video or motion infographics can be a tricky task. When I am creating infographics, I spend a lot of time to find a good tune or soundtrack, which would match the infographic theme. Professional designers have to be a bit more creative and use a couple of soundtracks, voice-overs, sound effects, and other music tricks. It’s an essential and usual part of the infographic creation process. But what if you are a beginner, looking for good quality music or a whole soundtrack for your next infographic project?

AudioJungle –  Great Directory for Infographic Music and Soundtracks

AudioJungle is one of the most quickly growing marketplace of good and high-quality sound effects, audio files, soundtracks, and music.

AudioJungle offering more than 50,000 units of audio materials (growing constantly), including musical packages, musical loops, initial files, vocal and instrumental soundtracks. The cost of an individual audio file is in the range from $1 to $17. Thus, whether you are the performer, the producer, large post-production firm, or the indi-director, you, without any doubt, will find here that audio-material which is perfectly suited for your needs! Infographics are not and exception. AudioJungle’s are full of great catchy, rhythmic, and toe-tapping music for infographics.

I did my research many times. This time I decided to share it with you, so you can use these sounds for your infographics. I choose a couple of soundtracks, which are really suitable for any type of infographic. Soundtracks are not free, but it’s really worth purchasing as it can be used for a variety of projects such as infographics, video backgrounds, slideshow music and etc.

Here is the list of 50 catchy, uplifting, entertaining, and perfectly suitable music and soundtracks for infographic or video/motion graphics: