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How to Clean & Get Rid of Junk in Your Garage – 2024 Guide

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Although your garage is designed and built so you could safe-keep your car inside, it often ends up full of junk you need to get rid of somehow. Your garage space could not only be useful for numerous applications, but it could also be one of the cleanest and neatest places in your house. The only thing you should start thinking is how to get it arranged so you enjoy the newly discovered space you did not even know has the potential for greater things.

God only knows what have you been hoarding over the years and if anything laying at the back of your garage space has any value at all. This is the problem many garage owners confront as soon as they start thinking about tidying up their garage space. When they realize that their garage is in a concerning condition, they often turn on a blind eye and get back to whatever it was they were doing before the cleaning process came to their minds. Not only does it take guts to confront the mystical piles of who-knows-what lying everywhere around the floor, but you may also require specific equipment, maybe even professional assistance.

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The garage space is one of the most underestimated places in an average household. It often provides more room than it is needed for your car to be parked, so the spare space frequently ends up either neglected or covered in endless piles of all sorts of things. This phenomenon probably happens because garages are not considered the most visited areas of one’s household, therefore, people often fail to commit their selves to maintain the area and keep it clean and functional.

In the last few years, using modified garage space for renting as one-man office space is not a novelty, and more and more people tend to invest their savings into this, not risky, yet interesting business endeavor. It does not cost much to rearrange your home parking room into something else. It does not necessarily mean that you have to give up your garage itself, moreover, it depends on its size and your imagination. Those are the 2 main factors to take into consideration when deciding what to do with your garage.

Before you do anything with it, you need to get it clean and get rid of the boring and tiresome junk you have been accumulating over the last few years. Therefore, we have created the following list so you can apply certain suggestions and put them to good use.

Empty Your Garage Completely

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The first and probably the most stressful stem you will take on your garage cleaning journey is to empty the garage space completely. This will not only enable you to see what are you dealing with, but you will be able to see what do you have at your disposal. After that, you will be forced to get rid of some unnecessary items. By removing the surplus, you will get to know the real potential of your garage, since you will be presented with the vastness of the emptied garage you have probably last experienced the day you moved into the house.

Since you are probably wondering what you should do with all the garbage you’ve been accumulating over the years, reaching for the hand of an expert is a common thing to do nowadays. Numerous professional services are offering their assistance with cleaning.

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Make Keeping Standards

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After you are finished with the emptying of your garage, you should decide if there is something you would like to keep. In order not to get emotional and assert every single item you have taken out, make sure you impose some limitations and set clear standards on what you need and what you do not. Using this approach will save you both time and nerves, so make sure you don’t forget about it.

Making Plans

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Once you have decided what stays and what needs to move on, you need to determine what to do with the surplus. The surplus needs another checking session so you single out the things you can sell from the items without any significant value. By doing so you will not only be able to earn a buck from otherwise unused stuff, but also get rid of all the junk that has been occupying your garage since forever. The means of getting rid of the junk are optional, so you may either call in the service in charge or find another way of safely disposing of the surplus.

Clean until its Clean

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Since you can finally see how your garage truly looks without a bunch of unnecessary things, the time for a great cleaning finally comes. Namely, now that you can see what causes the majority of smelly aromas from your garage, you can do your best to remove it. Use anything that will help you get rid of the bothering motor oil stains and other impurities of unknown origin. After you finish with the scrubbing, make sure you let the room breathe and the excess water to dry out, so you prevent the formation of the mold.

The best place to start the cleaning is with a full sweep or vacuum. Make sure to not only clean the floor surfaces, but also along the corners and ceilings to remove any cobwebs. For most surfaces, you can create a mixture using simple household ingredients. To get rid of floor stairs, mix hot water with some laundry detergent. If mold is present a mixture of equal parts bleach and water should solve the problem. For extremely persistent stains you can also request professional janitorial services.


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Finally, after you have finished all the aforementioned steps and secured there is nothing waiting for you at the garage that should not be there, it is time for you to organize your space so it serves you the best way it may. Feel free to use a pen and a paper if you like, since you should know what are all the things at your disposal. Thus, sketch everything, your car included, before you start returning everything in. After you taste the fruits of your labor, you will pay more attention to the state and condition of your garage and, hopefully, you will keep yourself from having to do another makeover in at least a decade.

Hopefully, the aforementioned suggestions will help you transform your garage into a place you will feel no shame presenting to your friends and family, and if not, at least you will know the layout of the things kept there. Jokes aside, cleaning your garage should be a regular thing and frequent maintenance enables you not to overload yourself by letting the whole thing get messy. Learn from your past mistakes and know how to prevent the damage before it happens.