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Is It Better to Keep Your Garage Door Open or Closed – 2024 Guide 

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The garage of your home is another point of entry which allows for a lot of convenience while taking your car in and out of the house. Ask anyone and they will tell you to never leave the grinch door open if it is not in use. Ideally the justification for living is never worth the risk you are putting your house in.

People often take care of their primary and princess and windows but forget that they left the garage door open. In this guide we will tell you some reasons why it will always be a bad idea to leave the entrance wide open even if it is towards the garage.

Possible Home Invasion

The worst possible nightmare of any homeowner is the possibility of a home invasion. When one talks about security systems, there are a lot of locks specifically made for front/back doors and all the windows. There is obviously an attached entry way from the living area to the garage which can serve as an easy point of entry if the bigger door is left open.

They might be the possibility of intrusion even if there is no intention of actually stealing your belongings. Having somebody invade your privacy is a very concerning thing especially if it could have been prevented. Home is a space we should be protected at all costs which is keeping all points of entry closed.

Longer Clean Up Time

Whether you are a need freak or not, there is a certain level of cleanliness one expects from their home. Everything can change if the garage door is left open for an entire night. Even if there is not a storm or strong winds blowing, a lot of dirt can come in and settle over everything. If the connecting entry way is left open the leaves and debris can enter the living space as well.

This will be especially difficult to clean if one is not available for immediate damage control. If the owner left for a couple of days and left the garage door open, expect a lot of time in resources going into cleaning everything up to the way they were before. If there is a storm then one can easily expect hiring professionals to do everything.

Animals Infestation

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Having human intruders into your home is highly unsafe but animal infestation is just as inconvenient. Usually one can expect birds to enter the space and start making a nest if the space has been open for some days. Raccoons and rats are the animals you need to worry the most about. There is also the possibility of cats bringing in their prey and eating it on the floor.

Nobody wants to come home and see the mess left behind by animals. A proper infestation would include actually having animals settling down within the walls of your home. Neither of the scenarios are comforting and can be avoided by closing the door or fixing it if it is not functioning properly. You can easily contact www.calgarygaragedoorfix.com for more information on fixing the problems.

High Energy Bill

This is an indirect impact on your lifestyle if one deliberately leaves the garage door open when it should have been closed. If the entry way is left open even for doing small chores around the driveway, a lot of energy can be lost. We are talking about air conditioning as well as the heat inside the home.

In winters, the entire house takes a lot of time to be warm and toasty. All of that effort can be lost within minutes if you leave the entry open while travelling snow out of the way as you take the car out. The energy bill will just increase and one will pay more when they could have conserved money and energy at the same time.

The same principle is followed in summers when the cool air needs to remain inside to maintain proper temperature. Energy will be wasted in both the cases and a simple solution is just to keep the door closed. So it is best to make a habit of immediately closing the door as soon as you enter inside the house or are exiting it.

Legally Liable

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Believe it or not, you can be on the wrong side of law if the thieves who stole your car suffer injuries. If the garage door was open and a number of people succeeded in stealing your property, one can go to the nearest police station and lodge a complaint about the theft. So far, it is the natural course of things and it is expected from any homeowner who suffered from a burglary.

However, things become a little more difficult if the car stolen goes through an accident. If the thieves who stole the car get into an accident and suffer from serious injuries it will be the owner of the car who will be liable to pay for damages. There have been cases where the garage owner from where the car was stolen was held nearly 40% liable for an accident which caused the thief to suffer from brain injury.

What Should You Do?

Given all the reasons we have mentioned above, it is easy to say that the garage door should always remain closed. Nobody wants any kinds of intruders, human or animals, into their private space. There is not only a risk of getting the property stolen but one would have. also pay for damages sustained by the cheese in case of an injury involving the stolen car.

The only thing reasonable enough to do in such a case is to be very careful about when the entry way is open and when it should be closed. Understand the pros and cons of keeping the ground Store open and beside for yourself. Whatever you do, keep the garage door in a good condition and you are all set.