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5 Reasons to Avoid Home Baked Dog Treats – 2024 Guide

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Every pet parent wants the best for their dog. However, doing the right thing may not appear as the best choice. There have been endless debates on the best way to feed your pet, and whether home-baked treats are better than commercial ones, or vice versa.

Dog experts have even provided care guidelines and nutritional guides for dogs. Unfortunately, trying to read more write-ups on whether to bake treats or buy ready-made ones can leave you even more confused. But here are five straightforward reasons why you may want to order dog treats from doge experts instead of baking the dog treats.

1. Nutritional Imbalance and Wrong Quantity

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You need to feed your dog on well nutritionally balanced food. When preparing or baking home treats for your pet, using correct supplements, vitamins, and nutrients is crucial for your pet’s well-being. However, balancing the right amount of each nutrient is almost impossible for a non-specialist. Sadly, even most of the recipes found online are written by amateurs who do not know the canines’ unique dietary needs; hence, they fail to incorporate the right vitamins and supplements.

Misconceived notions like more vegetables are better makes it worse as dogs are not omnivorous. They thrive on animal protein as their digestive system is not made to process large quantities of fruits and vegetables.

Commercial treats from the store are a better option as they are nutritionally well-balanced to facilitate all the nutrients a dog needs at various life stages. Dogs love to eat and may not know when to say they have had enough. Commercial foods come with clear instructions to the latter. You get specific details, including the recommended quantity for your dog; hence you will not overfeed or underfeed your canine.

Pet owners that bake dog treats for their pets may not know how much enough when feeding them. Also, the growing and ever-changing needs of growing dogs make getting the right quantity even more complicated. With commercial treats, all you need to do is check the right amount to feed your dog as the manufacturers know how much a dog needs in a day.

2. Dogs Safety

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There are common human foods like onions, raisins, grapes chocolates, among others, are dangerous for dogs. Unfortunately, this is not common knowledge to everyone and especially new pet parents. Experts warn against using any dog recipes from unknown authors and dog owners as some are not aware of these harmful ingredients on dogs.

When baking home treats for your dog, one may be tempted to throw in one or two ingredients from the shelves to enhance the flavor, oblivious of the danger. Buying commercial dog treats ensures that your dog consumes what is safe as it is made specifically for the canine friends.

Animal feeds sold in the stores are vetted by various bodies to ensure the pets’ safety, high standards are met, and the right quality products available. This, however, does not apply to homemade foods. Since no authority oversees the process, pet parents may compromise the safety of the pet unknowingly.

Unlike commercial foods, home-baked dog treats have a shorter shelf span. Though well done self-baked treats are fresh, they cannot last long. You may need to bake them often as you cannot feed your dog stale food.

In case your pet does not finish the portion for the day, for whatever reason, then you will have to throw your treats. Commercial feeds, on the other hand, can stay for longer in perfect condition. Generally, pet treats and food from the store is safer for your dog.

3. Cost Implication

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There is a bargain in numbers. Commercial dog treats manufacturers to get ingredients in bulk as they produce numerous packets, making the final cost cheaper. Buying a few ingredients for homemade recipes may make inhibitive costs to some of the most significant drawbacks to this approach.

While baking home treats at home may initially appear a cost-effective choice, it is not cheap most of the time. Like people, dogs will appreciate a change of flavors that excite the taste buds. Serving different treats may cost you more than you can imagine.

4. Time Consuming and Inconvenience

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Life has become a rat race, with so many things on the to-do list quickly. Time has become scarce and overly precious. Homemade baked treats consume a considerable amount of time, from sourcing for the ingredients to making them. You must add measuring, cooking, dividing, cleaning after, and storing the dog’s food in your routine.

Buying commercial dog treats is exceptionally convenient as you will only need to serve your pet their charms in a best-recommended way. Therefore, you get more time for bonding with your furry friend or attending to other equally important things.

Pet parents that frequently travel find it almost impossible to feed their dogs on home-baked treats. In case your pet has to live in boarding kennels when you are away, they have no option but consume commercial treats.

5. Lack of Good Recipes and Implementation

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Experts warn that dog owners who opt for homemade food should stick to vet-approved or endorsed recipes online. Many misleading recipes make it extremely difficult for pet parents to get it right when making home-baked dog treats.

Studies also indicate that many people change part of the recipes and do not follow the latter as required by adding, reducing, or omitting ingredients. This compromises the result of the food, even nutritionally.


Many pet owners have the best intention for their friends, and thinking of home-baked treats may be one of them. However, this act of love may work against you and, instead, compromise the very life you intend to save. Commercial dog food is not only safe but convenient and cost-friendly. Pets have a right to good quality ones, and companies like Tail Bangers commit to ensuring that your dog consumes healthy and safe treats. All you need to do is walk into a store or place your order online and have it ready-made and healthy for your dog.