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With Arctic melting down. How much do you think it will cost us ?


With the arctic melting and as we burn fossil fuels, we waste energy and we pollute our planet. All these actions lead to larger carbon dioxide emission and greenhouse effect. Due to greenhouse effect our planet is getting warmer and the polar caps are melting. With Arctic melting down our planet and everyone on it is in danger. All that ice turns to water and reduces the salinity of our oceans. This is important because that leads to change in our climate, oceanic life and life in general.

arctic melting(Source Pri.org :Credit NASA)

So what do we do? How can we save our planet and how much will that cost us? How much money must we pour out in order to fix the damage? You want to know the answer? We don’t need to spend any extra money. As the matter of fact, we need to save money in order to save our beautiful blue planet.

Every single day we leave our home appliances on standby, instead of turning them off and then on, when we use them. This simple action saves energy and saves money. We just need to think about it. We turn our air-condition devices in the summer even when we are not at home. There is no need for that, and it costs money. Again we choose not to be economic and do well to ourselves. If we could only think, for a second, and turn off those lights when they are not necessary. Turn off the TV when we’re not in the room, we could save money and save our planet.

Your duty is calling stop arctic melting today

Every time we sit in our car, we are pouring carbon dioxide into our atmosphere. By walking to a place we save money that we would give for gas, and save our planet as well. But, we can’t walk or ride bikes everywhere or every time. So how do we use our cars and help decrease pollution? Check your tires, low tire pressure consumes more gas. Check your air filters, keep your air-condition to a minimum. Drive with your windows open when you can. If you’re waiting in your car, turn the engine off. All these actions save you money. Just think about it, you don’t have to do anything that would make you uncomfortable.

Do you think that organic fruits and vegetables are too expensive? Just think about how much energy is wasted on producing, storing and transporting it. Did you ever think about growing you own food? Just enough to save up some money, you don’t have to become a regular farmer. In a short run it won’t save the planet but think long term. Think about your friends, when they see you doing it, they will do it, too. And when you put those numbers together, you get a substantial economic and ecological benefit.

When you go to your local supermarket, do you use plastic bags? Try and use as little plastic as you can. It pollutes our environment, it takes ages to decompose, and you spend money on paying for large plastic bags. So use as much reusable products and materials, it will save you money and our planet. Yes, sometimes we have no choice. But think that just a few steps down the aisle and you could find a glass bottle instead of plastic.

Finally, spread the word. Help raise the awareness about the trouble our planet is in and stop the arctic melting. Tell your friends that the Arctic is melting. Help them realize that it affects all of us, that it’s not just some remote place on the north. We have so much possibilities, so many choices to make. All of them help our planet to repair itself. And we don’t even have to pay a cent in order to do any of those things.

Choose clean energy, choose healthy lifestyle, and improve your environment. All these simple steps will help us enjoy the beauty of our planet for a longer period. It’s a non-monetary investment in your future, in your children’s future. We don’t have another home, so let’s keep this one safe and clean, for all of us. The time is now, you know what to do, and you know how to act. The Arctic is melting down, it doesn’t cost anything to save our planet.