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3 Pros and Cons of Buying Car Parts at a Junkyard – 2024 Guide

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There is a moment from which we all have “itchy skin,” which is when our vehicle breaks down. It is an event that causes more headaches even than the headache when you do not drink your caffeine dose for the day. Car breakdown opens up a million other responsibilities, starting with the potential need to tow the vehicle, requesting an authorized service technician, if it is expensive we are looking for another great repair service… When we said up a million other responsibilities, we meant that because car breakdown entails many other things. The most important and biggest is to diagnose the correct defect and find the appropriate solution for that defect.

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Finding the exact place where we have the defect is the mechanic’s responsibility, who should do his best to detect it in time, but also to solve it effectively so that it does not happen again after a short period. If the defect is small and can be solved without incurring high costs, it would be ideal for fast servicing of the vehicle, but also it would be great for our wallet. But if it is a defect that requires replacement of one or several parts, then it is no longer good news for our wallet because it means another new investment.

When it comes to buying new elements for cars, everyone hates an obligation, but it is also an act that will not spare our budget. Mechanics often suggest finding original elements for vehicles made by the car manufacturers themselves or finding a replacement from a car elements company for that car brand. Also, as an open option and choice of the car owner, they can go to one of the stores and buy a used part, i.e., an element already used in a vehicle. This is an option that has become increasingly popular with people lately and an option that is great for the wallet, say the vehicle experts from UsedPart.us. The latter advises that this should be a practice for everyone and that one should be careful when applying this practice. Especially when buying Junkyard parts. Why be careful? We bring you the answers below, carefully read why we are for and against the purchase of car elements from Junkyard.


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1. If you found a produced model many years ago, it may be of better quality than the new part you could buy in a store – often models produced many years ago and those produced in the recent past are not of the same quality. This is because companies are increasingly striving to reduce costs while increasing profits. So this is a great option. Go and find the element you are looking for and you need, check its condition and if it is in excellent condition then buy it for the price they offer you. Believe that if it is in excellent condition it will serve you for a very long time, even longer than if you bought a used part.

2. Buying a used element you will save from your budget – buying used aspects is very important, especially for the domestic budget. In addition to being of better quality, already used parts are also much cheaper when it comes to comparing prices between a new and already used element. There is a big difference in prices between these two types of car elements for the simple reason that one is already used and the other is new, unpacked, and never used. Following your budget, decide whether you want to buy a new or already used part, but remember the already used elements are of better quality, more durable and of course – they save your home budget.

3. By buying a used part you are taking care of the environment and fighting its pollution – if we were to talk about hesitation between a user and a new vehicle part we would say used but used only if it is healthy and you think it will last. Why? Because in most cases, when garbage was taken out from the bottom of rivers, lakes, and seas, some of that garbage was old parts of vehicles thrown by unscrupulous people at the bottom of the open water. That way, we do not fight against the pollution of nature, we just make it even harder. We fight against the pollution of nature exactly like this, by reusing used car elements in good condition and inserting them in our vehicles. This way we will prevent polluted nature and we will have a better environment.


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1. Used parts are often not well maintained before they are sold – when you go to a place where used elements are already sold you will be able to see a whole range of used parts, from the newest to the oldest. But you will also see elements that differ in how much they have been used, maintained, and maintained. You will be able to see from the most preserved to the most unsaved, unlubricated, and rusty part. Look carefully before you buy, consult an expert on whether the car element is good and whether anything can be saved from it to be mounted on your vehicle.

2. Always check that the car elements are complete and if there are any damages on them because a damaged element can mean a new repair – when you decide to go to inspect parts, make sure that you are expert enough in that and that you can recognize any anomaly in the used part. We tell you this because many of the vehicle elements used sometimes have an anomaly that can limit their reuse or make them unusable. That’s why you can take someone with you who already understands and prevent any unwanted mistake you can make if you are inexperienced and go shopping yourself.

3. Do it legally, you can often come across illegal resellers – every time you go to see used parts make sure it is in a place where the sale is legal. We warn you about this because it often happens that illegal resellers sell already used car elements and do it convincing you that everything is fine and everything is according to state regulations. If they do not document that the part is safe if they do not give you an invoice or invoice leave there and go somewhere else. Be very careful!

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Solve the problem with your vehicle slowly and without much haste. This will allow you to spend more time, but save money and make the right choice that you will not blame later. A good quality element does not mean that it must always be a new car element, it can sometimes be a used part to complete its function in the vehicle like the old element. So be careful, carefully consider and always choose what will be right for you and your car, but also your home budget.