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6 Common Myths and Facts About Weight Loss Pills – 2024 Guide

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Obesity has become such a major global problem that the consequences of obesity have even become one of the leading causes of death. This is especially the case in the Western world, which although the richest and most developed part of the world is failing to cope with this problem. What measures will be taken is a matter for experts, not for us. What we are interested in this article are weight loss pills.

The market is flooded with this type of pills and each one offers magical solutions. Most of them are plant based and can be purchased without a prescription, yet there are even a few weight loss pills that are approved by the FDA. None of the 4 approved obesity drugs showed the desired results, although the results were not bad either. One of these drugs has even been withdrawn from the market due to the increased risk of developing cancer. That’s why people mostly opt for over the counter pills. We will separate the myths and facts about weight loss pills, in order to help you make the best possible choice when buying.

1. This is usually too good to be true

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It is not secret that any man who has problems with excess weight, no matter how much it is, would like to take a magic pill and achieve the desired weight. It is this human desire that marketing experts use when making advertising campaigns, packaging and other things for all supplements that are used to remove excess weight. So you will see a lot of commercials and read a lot of billboard ads where it says that with certain pills in just three weeks everything will be as you want and the like. So you know that if it sounds too good to be true, that’s the case. There are products that will help you in your quest to be lean, but it certainly can’t be a single source for solving your problem. That brings us to the second paragraph.

2. Pills are the only thing you need

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Another myth that many believe is that when you take the right pills, it is more than enough. This myth stems a little because of the commercials, and a little because of the natural human tendency to avoid anything which requires strenuous effort. Every nutritionist, dietitian and any other expert will tell you that proper nutrition and regular workouts are paramount. And only then come the supplements, which serve to help and facilitate this whole process, but by no means to be the only solution to the problem. There is nothing in the world that will help you with obesity if you continue to eat fast food and drink beverages with lots of sugar. So if you do not plan to dedicate yourself completely to this process, there is no need to waste money on supplements. If you decide to start this journey, research the weight loss pills market well, and you can start by reading the guide at health-info.org

3. They can cause addiction

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This is certainly not true. No weight loss pills are addictive. That is not case, whether we are talking over the counter ones or those that require a prescription and are approved by the FDA. One of them is even applied under the skin, but there are certainly no signs of any addiction. None of the ingredients are known to be addictive. Only mental addiction can potentially occur in the form that obese people think that their weight will return if they stop taking the pill. But it certainly has nothing to do with the ingredients themselves but rather with mental problems caused by obesity.

4. No side effects

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This myth primarily comes when we talk about plant-based supplements and that is why people believe that there are no side effects. Of course, side effects are not as serious as with many drugs, but they can certainly exist. When we talk about the side effects of herbal products, then they can be similar to the excessive consumption of coffee, for example. And when it comes to FDA approved drugs, they have various side effects, among others dry mouth, headaches, anxiety and the like. As we said one of them was even withdrawn from sale this year because it increases the risk of cancer. Also, another is not approved in Europe, but only in the USA. So be careful and be sure to consult a doctor before taking it and report it immediately if you have side effects.

5. You do not have to strictly adhere to the dosage

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When it comes to pills whose ingredients are mostly of plant origin, people think that they do not have to strictly adhere to the prescribed doses by the manufacturers. But then they think they can take even more, in order to improve the effect without it having any negative consequences on their health cause it is not drug. But plants, as well as vitamins and minerals, can be harmful to health in excessive amounts. For example, you may ingest too much caffeine or some vitamin. And hypervitaminosis is something that can happen to you with any vitamin and it is a serious condition. Therefore, follow the prescribed dose, because increasing the dose will not bring you the desired benefits, but will negatively affect your health.

6. If you can find them in the store, they are certainly safe

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This is one of the misconceptions that everything sold in stores is safe. While this is generally the case, you should still check for each product you intend to put into your stomach whether it has been approved by some trusted organization. Also check all the ingredients, because something that is safe for one person does not mean that it is safe for another.


You have to be careful because we are surrounded by myths and misconceptions, especially when it comes to the entire fitness industry. So buy only proven pills, eat healthy, exercise regularly and you will surely solve your excess weight problem.