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7 Misconceptions About Facial Treatments People Believe are True – 2024 Guide

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Skincare, aesthetic interventions, corrections, oils, serums, injections, there are a lot of treatments that include different types of products, and methods used to make our face and skin look younger and more appealing. No matter if you choose to apply a few layers of serums and lotions, or you visit a beauty expert, most of the time these treatments are followed by a lot of myths and misconceptions, especially when it comes to the durability of the results, and the complete cost of the whole intervention. There are those people who think that it’s not worth spending your money on something that gives temporary results, but on the other side, there are those who think if they pay more, they will get more. The final goal all of us want to accomplish is to have rejuvenated and glowing skin, and make the face appear younger and more attractive.

If you check WomenPremiumBeauty, you will see that there is a wide range of products you can use, and sometimes it’s really confusing to choose the right one for you. The recent trends are promoting skincare methods consisted of 15 steps, using a lot of products, masks, and lotions, and beauty blogs are on a high rise, especially during the first wave of the pandemic earlier this year. If you check social media, you will see at least one promoted content about skincare. It’s on you to decide which one you will follow, get to know your skin type, and treat your skin as it deserves to be treated.

Until then, try not to fall for some of these myths and misconceptions:

1. You need to use strong acids for exfoliation

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Some people can handle strong AHA and BHA acids on their skin, but if you are a beginner, you need to start with lower concentrations and see if it gives some effect. On social media and blogs, we can find hundreds of recommendations, but if you have sensitive skin, it’s always better not to try things by yourself. Some of the women are lucky enough to have skin that can handle every treatment without side effects. But, when it comes to exfoliation acids, you must be careful and of course, do the patch testing before you use it all over your face.

2. It’s good for my friend, it must be good for me

No! You and your friend have different skin types, you are different people, and according to that, you need different products to take care of your skin. As we said, it’s always better to consult with a skincare expert instead of blindly following that advice.

3. Korean beauty is a holy grail

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K-beauty products are becoming more and more popular every day, and it’s normal to think that they are exactly what you need. Koreans have a unique approach when it comes to cosmetics. They use active ingredients like peptides, acids, niacinamide, but they combine them with natural hyaluronic acids, snail mucin, aloe vera extracts, and propolis. But, again, not every skin is able to handle it. Investing in testers or smaller packages is a good solution at the beginning, so you can test if it’s worth investing your money in k-beauty products, which may be pretty expensive.

4. You can skip applying SPF on cloudy days

Wearing an SPF is a step you should never skip. Even if there is no sun, you must know that the UV-rays are those who are harmful to our skin. You need to apply an SPF cream or lotion every morning and reapply it every few hours. The general recommendation is to use at least SPF 30, but if your skin is too sensitive, or you already use acids and retinoids, it’s better to use SPF 50.

5. The results are immediate

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Just because you are using concentrated active ingredients, it doesn’t mean they will give immediate results. Some products require at least two months of active usage, so they can do their job. For example, chemical peelings give immediate results, but you have to repeat the treatment every 10 days to maintain the results. Ingredients like retinol, or niacinamide, give durable results, but it takes a few weeks until you are able to see how they work properly.

6. Breakouts and purging are normal

We can’t say that this is a total misconception, because even some medicines will worsen the situation until they make you get better. It’s the same about skincare. Some ingredients may cause more acne or worsen the symptoms, but after a few days, everything will get better. The problem is when those breakouts and purging last for weeks. That means the product is not appropriate for you, and you should put it off your routine, or replace it with something else. Sometimes, the same product, but from a different brand, can be better for you, so you don’t need to stop trying until you find the right combination.

7. I can’t do that at home

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This year showed us that we can do a lot of things at home, especially how to take care of our general well-being, as we tried to protect ourselves from the dangerous coronavirus, and stay “normal” at the same time. Visiting a cosmetician is a nice choice when you have a complicated skin type, and a professional approach is needed. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t do the same at home. Some of the treatments can be very expensive, and if you don’t need a professional to help you, it’s more affordable for you to buy the needed products and take care of yourself the way you want.

Facial treatments don’t necessarily need to be performed at a cosmetic studio or dermatologist’s office. Some conditions can easily be done at home, especially if you have normal skin, that requires just a basic skincare routine. Of course, if you have bigger problems, you will need to look for a proper solution, but until then, try not to fall for these common myths when it comes to taking care of yourself.