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An Instant Guide to Determine if Vaping Mods Are Any Good – 3 Pros and Cons

The vape mod is a more substantial version of the electronic cigarette. Greater powers, more vaping settings, and bigger clouds of vapor production distinguish them.

A vape pen-style electronic cigarette that has been “adapted” to include more sophisticated features is referred to as a “mod.” The wide variety of vaporizer mods, not to mention the accompanying technical jargon, might leave one feeling bewildered.

What is “Mod?”

The word “mod” originated from vaping culture, in which aficionados construct or customize their electronic cigarettes. When manufacturers noticed the rising need for products like this, they began developing gadgets that could be mass-produced. Because of this, the power of modified electronic cigarettes became much more accessible to the general public.

These days, modifications are available in a dizzying assortment of forms, dimensions, and, in some instances, a dizzying array of functionality. Many mods are becoming less complicated to use owing to the addition of features like Smart Mode, which make them more approachable for vapers with less expertise.

The ideal way to get a mod is often in the form of a mod kit, which comes with both the mod and the tank in a single box, just as on Vapeology. Purchasing a tank and mod together is often a better financial decision than purchasing them individually. It also assures that the tank and mod are a good fit for one another.

Pros of Using Vaping Mods

Source: vaping360.com

Peruse these reasons why vaping mods might be a good idea for you:

#1. More vapor

The power range of a conventional mod is often significantly greater than that of a pod device, which means that mods may be used with low-resistance coils and create more vapor than pod devices.

#2. Better control

More advanced features and settings may offer additional control over the vaping experience. For instance, one kind of mod allows you to regulate the rate at which the coil becomes hot.

#3. Higher battery life

The actual battery life of a mod can vary depending on the power setting you choose. Still, they generally have substantially larger battery capacity and can go much longer between charges.

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Cons of Using Vaping Mods

Source: vaping360.com

Not everything about vaping mods is great. Here are some pointers for your perusal:

#1. Too many features

Many people need to become more familiar with or use the more complex capabilities of many mods. This is particularly true of vapers who aren’t active in the cloud-chasing subculture of vaping. However, if a simpler mod device’s battery, power, style, or size appeals to you, getting one may still be worthwhile.

#2. Complexity

Some modifications are difficult to utilize. If you’d rather have something uncomplicated, your best bet is to go with either one of the basic mods or a device.

Pod mods are an excellent choice to consider in this context since they often combine the strength of a mod with the convenience of a pod-style gadget that is easier to use.

#3. Weight

When it comes to vape mods, there is often a compromise between power and size, and the vast majority of mods are less light or small than more straightforward devices.

Final Thoughts

If you are starting with vaping and are looking for your first vape mod, you should seek a simple one. It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you should get the most powerful and costly mod available, yet, doing so might result in frustration when vaping, which is something we want to avoid.