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Best Keynote and PowerPoint templates


If you ever need to make an effective presentation quick, try some of these templates. They will allow you to create informative and compelling presentations that will amaze your audience. We created a list of some of the best Keynote and PowerPoint templates you can find. Feel free to browse through the list, and pick your favorite.

Free presentation software

free presentation template

This is a great piece of software that allows you to create custom presentation that fits your purpose. It supports both Keynote and PowerPoint file types. This means total freedom of choice.With 50 slides in 6 color options you can create countless different presentations.

Free Apple Keynote template timeline

free powerpoint timeline

This Apple Keynote template allows you to create timeline presentations. Various timeline slides packed with vector icons that you can easily modify.

Corporate Keynote presentation template

free corporate

This presentation template is a perfect fit for any high-level business presentation. It will make your work slick and give it a professional vibe. It is perfectly easy to edit it and make it customized, so it takes up your personal touch.

Free Sella Powerpoint & Keynote Slides

If you are in sales industry and you need to make a sell after your presentation, Free Sella is the template you want to use. This means Sella is one of the best sales slide templates you can find that supports both PowerPoint and Keynote. In addition, it is drag and drop ready.

Business Keynote Template by LouisTwelve

free panda

It is a business presentation designed for all Apple products that support Keynote. It allows you to present any type of analytics or data in any given form. There is even a World map at your disposal if you need to show your global data.

ProBusiness Keynote template

free probusiness

This is a great professional business presentation, and it comes with all the goodies. It offers a slick look and modern flow. This template is easy to edit and it comes with vector icons, so there is no need for you to install any.

Coffee template – A free complete & professional keynote template

free coffee

This template may seem a little too narrowly targeted, but there are many other industries where a coffee theme may prove valuable. You can use the elegance and class that coffee carries with itself. Make your presentation different.

Free Keynote Tree Diagram


If you ever needed a good template that you can use to present your diagram results or present some collective analysis, do not go further. This piece of software is one of the best in its class and it brings even some high level flavor to the game. If you ever need to keep the attention of your audience, there are number of slides with so many customizable vector images and icons.

Free Keynote Templates and Backgrounds

This is actually an entire archive full of most remarkable Keynote templates and backgrounds. The whole archive is perfectly arranged. Everything is in its place, and all resources are grouped by categories.

Free iWork Templates

Another Keynote internet archive that allows you to download some of the best Keynote themes on the market. There is a large number of themes, and all of them divided by categories. So do not hesitate, and give it a go.

Toolbox for Keynote

This wonderful product offers loads of goodies that you can use to up your game. It will give your presentation some class and a clean look. Toolbox brings Keynote layouts, themes, infographics, graphic styles, and many Keynote elements. This means that you get a lot icons, patterns, images, etc. Overall, everything you need to make your presentation tight.

Free Keynote Themes

This product is an online archive of Keynote themes that any visitor can download and customize it to their liking. All themes are separated by categories so you could find what you are looking for easier. However, if you are still thinking about what you really need, you can download entire archive and choose later or use them all.

Themes for Keynote Free

When we talk about this product, we are referring to a bank with more than 20 unique Keynote themes. In addition, we are not talking about just some backgrounds, there is more than 50 master slides that you can arrange how you decide.

Gravidient Simply

Gravidient Simply Theme.002

Each temple has more than 50 slides, and all of them unique. It brings a clean and smooth running animation to the table.  It has more than a thousand vector icons that you can customize and all Keynote elements. This means that you have all infographics and data chart function, timetable, portfolio, etc.



This is a minimalist Keynote template that allows you to perform with your maximum strength. It is a powerful tool for anyone who wants to present their data and keep the listeners attention. Minimalist by style but it packs many presents with it. More than 120 unique slides that you can edit as much as you like. In addition, there are more than a thousand different vector icons, for your convenience.

BePro Simple & Business

BePro Red (Original).109

This is another business-oriented template for your Keynote. It has a minimalist vibe but also gives your presentation some class. Vast number of vector icons and slides will allow you to unleash your creativity and make it a part of your business success.

Concept Keynote Bundle


Three is more than one, and therefore it is better to have three amazing Keynote templates in a bundle. In addition, the best part is that you can combine their elements and create your perfect blend. Furthermore, this means that you have more than 320 unique slides and over 30 thousand total slides.

Flat Pitch Deck

Flat Preview

This template will give your pitch a good flow so it could reach to the goal. It brings in everything a brief presentation needs in order to be effective. As you already guess, it is fully customizable so you can have fun creating your perfect look.

All Keynote

This template allows you to modify each slide and every element to create your perfect design. However, this template also offers an award-winning layout that you can benefit from. Of course, if you are not impressed and wish to create your own layout, there are more than 400 slides and over 700 vector icons.

Simply Business

1 (1)

There is nothing simple about the business that this template gets done. This easy to use, fully customizable template allows you to arrange your own blend from more than 190 unique slides, 70 color schemes, and around a thousand fully animated vector icons.

Invest Keynote


More than 160 unique slides will allow you to present your work in a professional manner. There is also the addition of over 400 unique professional vector icons. In addition, if that is not enough everything is customizable. This means that you can modify and rearrange everything, make your own template.

Five – Keynote Presentation Template

Five – Multipurpose Presentation Template.008

This presentation template is so multipurpose it’s almost insane. So many applications for this one. You can use it in fashion business, entertainment, travel, education, marketing, etc. This list is wide and it is all up to your personal choice. Everything is also editable, so you can play with colors and forms in order to create your perfect layout.


All these templates will be a powerful weapon in your hands when you go to face any audience. They bring a lot of value with their customization, ease of use and all the elements for Keynote. Enjoy your work in a creative way with one of these great templates. Also, if you already have any favorite, let us know in the comments.