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How to Create Infographic in Powerpoint – 2024 Tips

One of the most popular questions people asking is how to create infographic in Powerpoint? Well if you are reading this article you have probably did some research and you couldn’t find answers as many others. Some people say it’s easy. Some people find it quite difficult. I believe it depends on your skills and creativity. Create an infographic using Powerpoint it’s not that difficult as you might think. In order to create a motion effect, you need to create multiple slides for the same object. If you want to create a good quality infographic in Powerpoint you need to have a plan, chose a color theme, and carefully make connections between the objects.

Create Infographic in Powerpoint using single slide

One of the easiest ways to create infographics in Powerpoint is to use only one single slide. Instead of creating multiple slides, you can concentrate on one page. Once again, you will need a plan on how and in which order objects have to appear. Possibilities are limitless as Powerpoint has many options and settings for a single object appearance. Have a look at this tutorial how simple and easy you can achieve infographic effect in Powerpoint using a single slide:

Create Infographic in Powerpoint using template

Creating infographic in Powerpoint using template is time saving solution. How ever sometimes it might be costly and dificult to find the one , which would suit your needs. You can check our previous post about top 5 infographic Powerpoint templates and perhaps that will solve your problem. If you have any questions leave your comment. We love to discuss and help people find right solutions.