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7 Benefits of a Skillion Roof Shed on Your Property

Many Australian homeowners with larger yard spaces are opting to add garden sheds to their properties. Since these versatile structures can be used for anything from storage to creating a home office, they’re a definite must-have for many who are planning to upgrade their properties!

No matter what purpose you have in mind for your garden shed, quality and durability should be top of your list of requirements. One way to ensure this is to opt for a skillion roof shed because they’re the most efficient solution in terms of drainage and any potential boundary height restrictions.

Let’s discuss these structures so you know what you’re investing in.

What is a Skillion Roof Shed?

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Skillion roof sheds have steeper roof slopes than many other shed types. You may hear people refer to them as ‘pent roofs’. This type of roof allows rainwater, leaves and other debris to drain better compared to a traditional roof. During the design phase, adjusting the pitch can be used to optimise runoff.

These types of sheds can easily fit into small spaces as well as blend in with the look of your other buildings on site. In many instances, skillion roofing is relatively cheaper since less materials are used.

7 Top Reasons to Consider a Skillion Roof Shed

Are you currently researching various types of sheds to find the perfect one for your property? There are several reasons why you should opt for a skillion rood shed and our experts have shared the most prominent ones.

1. Quick and Easy to Assemble

One of the features that make skillion sheds an attractive option is that they are very easy to assemble. Since most only use a single panel, it’s extremely easy to attach to an existing house wall. This means that you don’t need a lot of yard space to add a shed for storage or an office space.

Since these types of sheds use fewer materials for braces and trusses, setting up yours could easily be  a DIY project. Another plus point is that because this roof doesn’t have joints and ridges, there’s better load distribution.

2. Ideal for Smaller Spaces

If you’re a homeowner with a small property, you may have given up on having a shed on your property. This may leave you continuously trying to find storage solutions. Fortunately, you don’t have to look further than a skillion roof shed.

Skillion roof sheds can be easily customised to accommodate your space. You can have a wide shed with a low roof or alternatively, for smaller spaces, have a narrow, but taller type of shed. The use of only one panel means you can easily adjust the height and pitch, depending on your needs.

3. Elegant Aesthetic

Another top selling point that makes skillion roof sheds so popular is that once constructed, they look elegant and streamlined. Their simplicity makes them the perfect addition to a residential or commercial space.

4. Cost-Effective to Install

Cost usually depends on various factors such as size, and any additional add-ons you require. However, since skillion sheds use fewer materials, the overall cost is cheaper than gable, flat or hip sheds. In addition to cheaper installation costs, there are also fewer accessories and membranes required.

5. Rainwater Harvesting

If you collect or harvest rainwater on your property, your skillion roof shed is a great way to help you do this. Adding a simple gutter as part of your conveyance system will mean you can benefit from the new structure in a whole different way.

6. Easily Add Skylights

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Do you want to use the shed as a home office, workshop or even a garage? More good news is that incorporating natural light into the space is easier than you think. Long slopes and low pitches make skillion roof sheds ideal for skylights.

With an inclined angle as part of the design, the shed can get the perfect balance of direct sunlight and shade throughout the day. Windows and glass sliding doors can also be added to different sides of the shed to increase the amount of light entering the interior.

7. Solar Solutions

To your benefit, Australia has a very high solar radiation per square meter rating. This means it’s the perfect environment to harness sustainable energy in the form of solar power. Adding solar panels to the steep-angled roof will allow you to generate power and the design makes it easy to optimise the output. Your new space can easily be connected to your existing solar outlay and the sturdiness makes the shed strong enough for you to install multiple panels if required.

Final Thought

A unique, streamlined design combined with functionality and durability make it easy to see why skillion roof sheds are so popular. With our list of benefits to consider, this versatile shed may just be the storage or office solution you’ve been looking for!