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Can You Power Your House Only With Solar Panels?

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Do you like the concept of green energy? It is becoming a lot more popular as time goes on, and a lot more people are trying to be eco-aware. More and more people are looking for alternative energy sources to power their homes, but a ton of them wonder about the pricing of solar panels and the practicality/ease of installment. Have you ever thought about going solar? If not, now might be a good time to give this a go. The truth is that you have to think about some details of your solar energy options, and their set-up. Keep on reading and understand all there’s to it down below.

How the price of solar energy has dropped in the last few years?

At the moment solar panels are one of the more easily accessible forms of renewable energy. The offer is appealing mostly due to greenhouse gas emissions that are increasing home value by an average of $15,000. A shocking fact and stat show that solar panel installation costs in the United States dropped by 70% from 2009 to 2019, which is an insane stat to think about. If you want to save your money these days (and God knows we need to do it due to insane gas prices), this might be a good move to make.

How much solar power do electric appliances need in order to run?

You can’t make a full switch just like that, you have to be aware of your possibilities. However, even a minor change in your solar use and within your home will mean a lot. Are you even aware of the electricity that is being used every day, or more importantly, during a year? Statistically speaking here is how much certain appliances use:

  • Your wash machine uses 255 kWh/year
  • Dishwashers use 657 kWh/year
  • Hairdryers use 182 kWh/year
  • A computer uses 300 kWh/year
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These numbers can vary depending on your household and your approach, but in most cases, this is what you will be experiencing.

How can you make the most of solar panels?

Do you want to make this switch and consider using solar panels? If you know of someone who is doing it already why not ask for their feedback and their experience?

Even if they can’t power everything in your home, solar panels can still provide you with a reasonable amount of energy that you will find to be helpful. Solar panels do not work when it’s dark outside, but you can always make the best out of your day and during the daytime. In the long run, however, this would make a significant change and difference in saving your energy by up to 50%.

PS: We don’t recommend going for a diesel generator since these wouldn’t be environmentally friendly.

How much energy can a solar panel produce?

As said before and with what we have to offer or choose from nowadays, current technology doesn’t allow the average homeowner to go entirely ‘off-grid’ with solar panels alone. You will see a change in your energy consumption by 15 and 20% with better and high-quality panels. The placement is important, so how much sunlight hits the panels each day? Do you live in a sunny area that gets a lot of sun usually and in general?

A typical panel output can be anywhere between 250-400W, the higher the wattage, the more electricity it can produce under the same conditions. Usually, a ton of European countries have 10 hours of sunlight, while Yuma (USA) has the most daylight in the world.

How much of your home can you run on solar power?

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This is an individual experience that will vary. The amount of energy that a household uses depends on how many people live in the house, and how much they usually use. Most people use electricity mid-day, but your approach and activities during the night will also have an impact. Don’t forget also that your available space will play a huge role. How and why so?

Solar panels need to be installed in a bright, sunny spot that won’t interfere with your day-to-day activities. Let’s not forget that other factors will dictate the price point and your availability in terms of space. Is there any nearby building or chimneys that are blocking your view? Can you place it on top of your roof, or is this placement out of question?

PS: For instance, one 330W solar panel takes up about 19.5 sq. ft. Can you withstand this condition and set it up properly?

Do you want off-grid or grid-tied panels for your use

Lastly, make sure that you can answer this question and be aware of your wishes and possibilities, but also of what off-grid or grid-tied actually is. What is the difference? You can see it based on how you access electricity when your system isn’t generating power.

That additional electricity is either stored in batteries, in the case of off-grid systems. The truth is that off-grid can be pricey to go for. Going for a grid-tied system, you’ll be able to generate 100% of the electricity your home uses. In this case, you will not need any type of additional batteries for extra energy.

Do you want to try solar power?

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Do you feel convinced yet and do you want to give it a go with solar panels? In the end and by looking at the bigger picture (and long-term gameplay) this can be a good move to make. So, if you prefer eco-aware yet money-saving options, make sure that you click here! Find out how you can power your home with solar panels but also pick out the best one for your personal use. Consult a team of experts that will have all your questions answered. All of these are A-line panels + you get delivery and installation with your chosen item, along with warranty and maintenance. Get in touch and see what this company has to offer.