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10 Reasons Why Your Melbourne Home Needs Timber Shutters

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Are you bored with the traditional look of heavy drapes? Do you find the task of removing and cleaning your curtains quite tedious? Yes? Then this article is for you.

If you’re considering a move away from the conventional curtains, it may be time to add the timber shutters Melbourne homeowners are opting for. Keep reading to find out why shutters are a good idea for many buildings!

Timber Shutters—Always a Good Idea

While conventional drapes and tailored curtains are a staple in just about every home, more Melbourne residents are moving away from this traditional approach to window coverings. That said, with a wide variety of other options to choose from, what makes timber shutters the better option? Our décor experts share their reasons for loving timber shutters.

1. Strings Attached

When you think of blinds, you envision the strings and ropes that used to accompany older styles, right? The thought of tugging at strings and detangling cords may be the one aspect that’s been putting you off blinds.

However, modern timber blinds have zero strings attached, making them easier to open and close, by just about anyone! Furthermore, this also makes the children and pets in your home safer as there’s no risk of anyone getting tangled in a messy clump of string.

2. Low Maintenance

If one of the reasons you’re ready to ditch the curtains has to do with the cleaning process, you’ll be delighted to learn that timber shutters are easy to maintain.

While dust may still settle on your shutters, they can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth or duster. There’s no need to take them down, and there’s also no ironing required.

3. Added Privacy

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With timber shutters, you can choose the level of privacy you want. Privacy options include the following:

  • Fully open
  • Half shut
  • Fully closed

This feature makes these types of blinds an ideal choice for homes, offices and even apartments. Furthermore, if you still want a light window covering, you can always opt for blinds combined with motorised curtains Melbourne residents enjoy using in the summertime. You can let in light, but enjoy privacy!

4. Better Insulation

Curtains may provide your home with a considerable amount of insulation during the cooler months. But, let’ face it, they aren’t perfect—the cold still manages to sneak in.

With timber blinds, you’re looking at more insulation which means more heat is kept in the room. Having a warmer room means you’ll need less energy to keep your space warm, so it can lower utility costs.

5. Excellent UV Protection

No matter how stylish your old heavy drapes are when you first hang them, they may eventually become dull and will need replacing. This is because the UV from the hot Australian sun can easily make them lose colour and cause the fibres to deteriorate.

You won’t have this problem with shutters. There will also be no sun damage to your furniture.

6. Flexible Light Control

With curtains, there are usually only two choices. Either open the curtains and let in all the light or close them and have a dark room.

Shutters can be opened at an angle in a variety of ways, helping you control the amount of light that comes in. This is helpful for anyone who wants to sleep during the day in a semi-dark room.

7. Durability is Key

Timber shutters are designed and constructed to last. If your new shutters are installed professionally, you can be assured they will not only last a long time but will also add value to your home. Unlike curtains or drapes, there will be no need to replace them every few years.

8. Many Options to Choose From

Quite possibly, the only thing timber shutters have in common with curtains is that they come in a wide variety of styles. You’ll be able to get a style designed to fit any window shape. Timber shutters are ideal for large and small windows alike. Since they’re made from quality timber, you can opt to keep them in their natural state or have them painted in just about any colour to match your space.

9. Adds to Your Room’s Indoor Style

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Adding shutters to your windows not only creates a snug fit but means there’s also no need for curtain rods, hooks and other accessories. This can be an easy way to increase the wall space in your home, creating a less cluttered look.

10. Can Provide Extra Security

Timber shutters placed on the outside can add an extra layer of security to your windows. You can do this by adding a locking option to the shutters to deter potential home invaders.

Final Thoughts

Opting for shutters is a simple way to add a modern touch to your home. Say goodbye to the hard work that goes with maintaining drapes and curtains and enjoy the simplicity of a stylish range of easy-to-use timber shutters.