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12 Benefits to Adding Outdoor Blinds to Your Corner Coffee Shop

Whether you own a buzzing restaurant or a quaint little corner coffee shop, chances are you’re always looking for ways to make the most of your space. Utilising all your available floor space is an excellent way to boost your business in more ways than one.

Some coffee shop owners opt to build onto their existing spaces. Others simply choose to add the outdoor blinds Melbourne businesses are using to increase floor space.

Utilise the Space You Have

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Many restaurants and coffee shops don’t always have the space to build onto their existing buildings. What they may have is an existing outdoor space.

Choosing to enclose these spaces with quality outdoor blinds is one of the more cost-effective ways of using the available space. We’ve compiled a list of the top benefits of adding outdoor blinds to your corner coffee shop, so you can see the value of this investment in your business.

Instantly Increase Usable Space

Floor space can be expensive to obtain and rent. For this reason, many coffee shops use as much of their outdoor space as possible. Doing this means that more customers can be seated, resulting in fewer people being turned away due to an already full shop.

Adding outdoor blinds extends the original space designated for the coffee shop. And, as any business owner knows, full seats equal more profits!

Protection Against the Elements

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Outdoor blinds are excellent for protecting customers from the sudden weather changes Australia is known for. Additionally, creating a closed outdoor space allows you to use the space all year round.

During summer months, the blinds can be half raised to let in cool breezes while being lowered in the cooler months to keep heat in.

 Protects Outdoor Furniture

If you or your staff have ever had to drop what you’re doing and run outside to move tables and chairs when it starts raining, you know what an inconvenience that is! Avoid this by closing the area off with outdoor blinds. Then, simply lower your blinds at the first sign of rain or wind.

This will not only protect any outdoor furniture but will also keep the area clean. More importantly, customers can remain in their seats and won’t be sent scurrying inside.

Create Advertising Opportunities

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Modern outdoor blinds can also be used to upgrade your advertising. By adding your coffee shop logo onto the blinds, they become a large canvas that passersby will notice. This is especially smart advertising if your coffee shop faces oncoming morning and afternoon traffic!

Provides Privacy to Guests

A coffee shop located near foot traffic or next to a sidewalk has the challenge of guests feeling uncomfortable if random strangers bump into them as they brush past their tables. Outdoor blinds can serve as a barrier between passersby and patrons, ensuring that your guests enjoy their time in your shop.

Keeps the Bugs Out

While many customers may enjoy their meals outside in the afternoon or evening air, the bugs that hang around during a summer evening can be quite annoying. Lowering your outdoor blinds will keep the bugs out without making the space feel stuffy.

Adds Value to Your Property

Additions such as outdoor blinds add significant value to the property and can potentially increase your resale price. Keep in mind that this can also boost future rental prices if you ever need to lease the property to others.

 Available in a Wide Variety of Styles

Outdoor blinds come in a huge variety of colours and styles. Different options make it super easy for you to find a style that easily complements your current business décor and brand theme.

Many reputable brands also offer a host of other customisable features that will accommodate your specific business needs.

Shows Good Return on Investment

Investing in outdoor blinds can be quite costly when you first install them. However, the increase in useable floor space, which accommodates more customers, will increase your overall profits.

Outdoor Blinds are Unobtrusive

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Modern outdoor blinds are designed to be minimally intrusive as they don’t require much space for installation. There won’t be any excess materials in the way of chairs and tables, so there’s no tripping hazard. The streamlined look of outdoor blinds is therefore an excellent way to maintain your current aesthetic.

 Operation is Easy

By opting for the motorised versions, opening and closing your outdoor blinds can easily be done with the simple press of a button. With modern blinds, there’s no need to rush out and struggle with the ropes and cords associated with old-fashioned blinds.

Maintenance is Simple

Outdoor blinds also won’t require excessive maintenance either. Cleaning is easy and unlike some other traditional window coverings, blinds don’t need to be taken down.

Since reputable blinds are made from quality materials, they have a long lifespan. It’s worth noting that most outdoor blinds are made with the harsh Australian weather in mind. That means blinds can retain their look even in the harshest conditions.

In Summary

The significant benefits associated with outdoor blinds make it easy to see why many business owners across Australia are opting to install them. Customisable features and motorised alternatives make it possible to choose blinds that complement the overall look of your corner coffee shop.

You’ll be asking yourself why you haven’t opted for outdoor blinds a lot sooner!