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6 Benefits of Serviced Apartments For Business Travelers – 2024 Guide

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Some jobs involve working in an office, at a computer, while some other jobs require going on business trips. This includes in particular persons who perform managerial duties in companies whose business policy implies the presence of a superior in all cities and countries in which they operate. Since such trips usually require a longer stay in these cities, the company is obliged to provide accommodation for its employees. Convinced that by booking hotel accommodation they provide them with all the necessary comfort, companies usually decide on this option. In fact, there are service apartments for business travelers that are more economically acceptable and provide greater comfort than what workers can get at a hotel. The idea of ​​such apartments originated in America in the 80s, and since then this concept has met with positive reactions around the world.

Especially those companies whose activities require constant travel of some workers, this can be a great financial pressure. The trip includes not only accommodation but also transportation and other additional costs. Therefore, more acceptable prices would be significant. This type of accommodation has many other advantages, and find out more about them in the following lines.

1. Close to business centers

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When an employee stays in a place to perform business duties, one of the most important conditions is the proximity of the business center. Obligations will require getting up early in the morning and it would be good to have a business place nearby so you can get at least your morning coffee to drink before departure.

Also, if you went on a business trip to a big city, your hotel may be on one side of the city and your office on the other. So it would be good to look for a service apartment that will be located where it suits you best. And since they are intended for business travelers, they are usually located in the business zone.

After you finish your daily obligations, you will need a few hours of rest and you will want to visit the sights, and such apartments are usually located near them.

2. Spaciousness

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Given the high prices in hotels and the structure of the rooms, your company will most likely reserve a smaller room that is enough for one person to save money in that case. However, by renting an apartment, you will get all the space you need. By renting a service apartment, you will be able to work on your laptop in one room, rest in another, and you would also have a kitchen for preparing food.

On the other hand, no one will limit the number of people who can be in the apartment with you during your stay. And considering the spaciousness, nothing can stop you from taking your family with you. You will also be able to invite partners to join you for dinner.

3. Comfort

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If you are looking for all the comfort you have at home, you will surely have it in service apartments. The large space that we mentioned earlier certainly contributes to comfort, but also the fact that you can come and sleep like at home, without being disturbed by colleagues. You will be able to relax, work, cook, just as you are used to functioning in your home every day. You will agree that the hotel cannot provide you with this feeling.

The rooms are equipped with soft and comfortable furniture that will be waiting for you after a hard day. Also, you will be able to prepare the food you like, thanks to the equipment of all necessary kitchen appliances – refrigerator, stove, and even those you would not expect, such as a toaster, coffee maker, microwave oven, etc.

4. Lower costs

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This type of travel can be a big expense for a company, especially if they are frequent. Accommodation isn’t all you need to provide, but there are also transportation, food, and other additional costs. there are often cases when the company has to send more employees on a trip and then the expenses multiply. If it happens several times a year, we can call it a luxury.

For a lower price than you would pay in hotels, you will get much more space and comfort. It will also be more financially acceptable for the employer and the employee will be satisfied and will have everything he needs for the period he will spend away from his home.

Another advantage is when the whole team goes on a trip. Then everyone can be accommodated in one apartment, without having to pay for several separate hotel rooms.

5. Additional facilities

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The fact is that the primary motive for going on a trip like this is to do work. However, this doesn’t mean that your daily route should be exclusively apartment – business – apartment, but allow yourself to relax a bit after tiring activities.

Sometimes it happens that the service apartments have additional facilities that you can enjoy after a hard day. These benefits include access to the gym, swimming pools or cinema and thus prevent you from getting into a routine, and try to spend time normally, as you normally do when you are at home.

Some buildings also have the option of using conference rooms, so you can also rent them for meeting purposes.

6. Quality of equipment

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Wherever you go, cleanliness and quality of equipment, like the one at Dream Apartments, will be important to you, so that you can enjoy your time in those rooms. Especially in these times when we are all afraid of a pandemic and trying to avoid the risk of infection. Even in regular conditions, dirt and stench in rented apartments and rooms are unacceptable.

This is exactly the main competition field for the fight with hotels. The owners of this accommodation strive to provide conditions to high standards. You will always have clean towels, bed linen, as well as a fully equipped bathroom and kitchen with all the details you need. Large king size and queen size beds that give you a cloud-like sleep.

When you look at all these advantages, you will realize that there is really no need for expensive rooms in luxury hotels in the city center. A spacious apartment in a business zone with significantly lower costs will be the perfect option for all your workers. This will reduce the amount of money you have to invest in business travel and be able to afford more of it per year.