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7 Ways to Baby Proof Your Home – 2024 Guide

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The pitter-patter of little feet brings with them a whole new world. Suddenly all you can talk about is developmental milestones, sleeping patterns and poo… seriously, you will never know how many conversations can revolve around poo till you have a baby.

While the first few months can pass as a bit of a blur of feeding, changing and sleeping (or lack of it) it won’t take long before you need to give serious thought to how to baby proof your home and keep your little one safe.

Here are some of the main areas to address.

1. Baby monitors

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These are the most used gadgets of any parents. There are a whole host of options on the market from simple to super high tech.  Systems normally work using bluetooth, radio waves or wifi to send sound and images from the camera/microphone in the baby’s room to the receiver. For larger homes you may need a booster to get good signals throughout the house or past particularly thick walls.

Many newer models can send images and sounds straight to your phone which cuts down on the amount of items to keep track of in the home. If you are using a wifi enabled device be sure to change the default password as soon as you start it up and keep it’s software updated to keep your home secure.

2. Radiators

Radiators are vital to keeping your home warm but they can also be the cause of accidents like burns and scalds. For radiators that are easily reached a radiator cover is the ideal way to keep everyone safe but still allow heat to circulate. You can get wooden covers or material ones. Wooden ones with plenty of ventilation will allow heat to circulate more freely than cloth ones. They also have the advantage of stopping things from being put down the back or side of the radiators too. You will lose some heat when you add a cover, but once your little one is old enough to know to avoid hot radiators you can remove them.

Scalds can occur if your radiator leaks or spits, if this is the case then it is probably time to invest in a new one. Avoiding dampness in a baby’s room is of the utmost importance to avoid exacerbating any respiratory issues. If you want to get a good amount of heat then a double panel radiator is the best way to go. You can find plenty of different styles and sizes at Trade Radiators.

3. Baby gates

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Once your baby is on the move, be it bum shuffling, crawling or even rolling, you will want to start looking at baby gates.

Baby gates come in a variety of different materials and finishes so they can match your home decor easily. Most models are expandable to fit an array of doorways. If you have exceptionally large doorways or very narrow ones you may have to look for speciality options. The most popular types stay in by using tension, although you can also get screwed in ones that can be better at containing toddlers that don’t quite know their own strength.

4. Socket covers

Another one to get sorted as soon as roaming around starts; socket covers are very easy to get. You can find ones that plug into empty sockets to keep curious fingers out. For sockets that already have things plugged into them I suggest socket box covers that will go around the socket plus whatever is plugged into it. There will be a gap for the wires to come out which can still prove pretty tempting so be sure to keep an eye on it or consider blocking it off with some well placed furniture.

5. Breakaway blind pulls

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Thankfully break away blind pulls come as standard in almost all blinds you can buy these days. However if you live in (or are visiting) an older home be sure to check what the set up is. For blinds that are not breakaway knot them up high out of reach while kiddos are around them as a temporary fix. If they are in a place that you go often then it is definitely worth looking into getting them replaced.

6. Pets

Growing up with pets can be a very rewarding experience and can help teach children empathy, care and compassion. It is worth bearing in mind though that dog biscuits and cat food can look extremely tempting to a toddler. Water bowls may also find themselves being used as makeshift baths for all manner of toys and dirty fingers. Keep both your child and pets safe by making sure your four legged friend’s food and drink can’t be meddled with.

It goes without saying that you need to be aware of how your pets interact with your baby at all times. It is never advisable to leave very young children alone with animals unattended. Baby gates are good for keeping kids out of places they are not meant to be but they can also come in useful for keeping pets where they should be too.

7. Reachable items

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The danger of reachable items is an ever changing goal post that moves as your baby grows. What is considered a safe place one day may be within grabbing height the very next. For example my work desk was a safe haven for a long time but now my toddler can reach almost everything and anything on it. It is always wise to keep things away from edges to help avoid those stretching fingertips. Be especially wary of desk lamps and chargers for laptops and phones. If your little one can’t reach the item itself they can give a good tug on any wires to bring it down on top of themselves.

These are just some of the things you will need to consider when it comes to keeping your home safe for your baby. Take careful walks around your home on a regular basis to identify any new hazards and decide on the best solution to make them as safe as possible so you can spend time enjoying life with your wee one rather than worrying all the time.