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Steps To Protect My Wifi from Being Hacked – 2024 Guide

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Your Wi-Fi router plays an important role in providing you an untethered and seamless data connection.  We often ignore it, but it is highly important to secure your Wifi router. There are two crucial security concerns that you need to tackle. One, you have to manage who can connect to your network. The second issue is your Wifi coverage. If someone else can get access to your router, they can easily hack important data and passwords associated with all connected devices.

Hence, it is important to take all the necessary steps to establish a secure connection. If you are unaware of the ways to protect your Wifi router, then here is a complete guide that will show how you can upgrade your network security. So, let’s get started.

Change Your Default Home Network’s Name

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Your home Wifi network’s name also called the Service Set Identifier (SSID) plays a significant role in improving your router’s security. The first thing that you should do after getting a Wifi connection is to change its default name. But how does changing your home network’s name protect your Wifi from hackers? The answer is simple! Malicious attackers can easily hack your system if they know the kind of router installed at your home. When you change the name of your network, they can never know the details of your router’s manufacturer. This makes it hard for attackers to understand the vulnerabilities and specifications of the system to trace useful information.

You can change your network name from “TP-Link 123” to “Home” or “Eric’s Wi-Fi”. This way, outsiders can never know about the type of Wifi installed at your home. Hence, lesser chances of attackers entering and hacking the system.

Find Routers That Offer Guest-Network

If you run your own business or live in a shared apartment where several different people visit on a daily basis, then you should buy a router that offers a guest-network feature, which allows your guests to enjoy access to Wifi only. They cannot retrieve any of your important documents, images, etc. present in your PC or laptop. This way it helps in reducing security threats to your personal information.

Another important thing is to invest in a network that does not display the name of your actual Wi-Fi network to other people who are scanning for Wi-Fi devices. This way only allowed devices can connect to your network and not any other unknown devices.

Activate Your Network Encryption

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Do you know that your Wi-Fi consists of different encryptions known as WEP, WPA, WPA2, and WPA2 AES? If your Wifi doesn’t have strong encryption, hackers can easily enter in your system to steal your important data.  So, it is important to understand these terms.

WPA2 is short for Wifi Protected Access 2 and is one of the most up to date encryption as per current industry standards. It is a security protocol that coverts traffic on your Wifi network. WPA stands for Wifi Protected Access and is the older version of WPA2. Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) is the previous version of WEP2. The latter offers higher network security than the former privacy system.

In the year 2006, it became necessary for all Wifi certified devices to use WPA2 encryption. However, an even advanced version of WPA2, known as WPA2 AES, is now available. It uses a special method of AES cipher to prevent transmissions. This makes it impossible for attackers to trace your information.

Even more advanced is the upcoming latest version called WPA3. It is an even better option that makes it impossible for malicious attackers to spy on recorded Wifi traffic whether the hacker knows your Wifi password or not.

Disable the Remote Management Feature

When you buy a router, it comes with default settings. These standard settings are not always beneficial for you.

For example, from security point of view, the remote access feature of your router should be disabled at all times, but by default your router allows remote access. It does not only give you the access to enjoy your internet from a different location but also allow others the same access. Hence, you should turn this feature off as soon as possible to prevent your system from hacking.

Similarly, you should also disable the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) feature that gives quick web access to your gaming devices and smart TVs. Why so? It also gives access to different harmful programs to enter in your network security system.

Change Your Wi-Fi Password Regularly

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The next important step is to change your network password regularly. Every time you update your Wifi password, it asks all connected devices to reconnect by entering the updated password. This prevents all uninvited hidden visitors from connecting to your router.

To control the devices that can connect to your router, we would recommend you to use WPA2 security. This feature is enabled in all devices by default. It requests every new device to enter the password to use Wifi. If the WPA2 security option is not turned on in your router then you can easily enable it through your router’s settings panel. Through the settings panel, you can also keep a check on the total number of devices along with their specific details.

If you have an updated and reliable router like the one that Mediacom internet service offers (click here), then it may guide you about the difficulty level of guessing your Wifi password. This helps in setting a strong password that others cannot easily guess. Always remember, a strong wireless password means a combination of lower and uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols. It should also be at least 20 characters long.

Switch off Your Home Network While Going Out

When you are not using you Wifi network, it is better to disable it. Following are the benefits of switching off your router:

  1. Hackers are always in search of opportunities to steal your data. By turning your network off, you protect your system from such harmful attacks.
  2. Apart from safety concerns, disabling your network also protects your device from any surges that might happen in your absence.

Keep Your Firmware Updated At All Times

Firmware is low-level software that is responsible for managing all functions of your router. It manages the total number of devices that can connect to your router and establishes a strong security system for your network.

Mostly your modem router auto-updates its software system, but sometimes it does not. Hence, it is important to check that your modem is upgraded to the latest firmware. But why having updated firmware is so important? Because it fixes all the recent bugs and resolves all security problems.

Keep this in mind that every router comes with different functions and unique settings, but there is always an option to adjust settings as per your needs. Upgrading your router is as simple as changing your Wifi password; you just have to find the correct option in the control panel of your router. In case you are unable to do it by yourself, you can always contact your internet provider to guide you about the step by step procedures to update the firmware of your particular router model.

If you have a good router, then it usually updates overnight. It may even send you a mobile notification alert every time it auto-updates the firmware. However, if your router does not have an automatic upgrade option enabled, then you would have to look for the latest upgrades by exploring your manufacturer’s website.

Adjust Your Router’s Position

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If you do not have any idea about the perfect place of your router’s device in your home, then don’t worry we will guide you. Your Wifi position plays a great role in improving the security of your system. Always place your router in the exact center of your house. This way every room in your house can get good Wifi coverage, hence everyone can easily enjoy good internet speed connection.

But how does it prevents your Wifi from being hacked? If you place your Wifi device in the middle of your house, its signals cannot provide good coverage to your neighbors or outsiders. This way unknown devices and hackers won’t be able to find your Wifi device to connect and steal your useful information.

Remember, the worse place to keep your Wifi router is near the window as it will provide good coverage to outsiders than the people living in the house and paying for the device.

Better to be safe than sorry

We have listed the major steps to help you protect your Wifi from hackers. We hope that by following these simple tips and tricks, you can protect your Wifi from being hacked. You should follow these guidelines immediately if you haven’t already to prevent any data breach!