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How Long Does Leak Proof Underwear Last – 2024 Guide

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Periods aren’t a taboo topic as much as they used to be. Nowadays, options when it comes to your periods are overwhelming and the market is booming! You can find your options with 10 different pad options in terms of size and thickness, several kinds of tampons, menstrual cups, or even period underwear! Women who want options demand variety, or even those who have allergies will easily find their ”one” with one of these different options. Period underwear is relatively a newer trend when compared to other options. If it sounds intriguing and you want to give it a go, keep on reading!

So, what is period underwear?

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This is a piece of undergarment that is intended for you to wear during your period. You don’t need to wear any additional protection or a pair of undies. They look just like your regular underwear, only with thicker layers and amazing absorbing power. Period underwear consists of an absorbent material that holds one to two tampons’ worth of flow. It is a practical solution for women who are allergic to cotton or women who can’t wear menstrual cups. If you’re trying to make a switch and you’re looking for something new, this is also for you.

Top 3 reasons to switch to period underwear

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1. Comfortable + leak-proof: you will feel as if you were wearing your everyday regular panties. However, they will not move around or leak as some pads do. You are in safe pair of undies.

2. Sustainable: you can wear them for years. By sticking to them, you are also minimizing the carbon footprint and waste. The truth is that we tend to wear over 10,000 pads or tampons during our lifetime! Imagine how big of a difference just one woman can make.

3. You save money: did you know that we spend almost $10,000 during our lives on traditional period products? Meanwhile, period panties go for $20-$60. You can purchase several pairs and still save your money throughout your lifetime.

How long does leak-proof underwear last?

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Period underwear is designed to replace your use of pads and tampons. Depending on what type of period underwear you have and where you are in your cycle, you might be able to wear a pair of period underwear all day long without having to take it off or switch with another pair.

Once you take good care of them, wash & maintain them they could last you between 2-3 years on average. Some are even sturdier than that when compared to other models, resulting in a long-lasting yet practical pair for your leak-proof days.

Make sure to find the right fit and pair

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An important heads up: these are not human diapers! You will not look like a baby wearing them, meaning that you will still feel sensual and attractive. They fit like normal briefs and are comfy yet lightweight. You can go for a ton of cuts, shapes, and sizes while mostly being offered two different options for your flow: light and medium panties. If you’re first trying them out, you’ll probably want several pairs to replace your traditional period products on your lighter days. If you don’t want to do a lot of laundry chores, aim for 7 pairs so you’re safe during your entire cycle. Adjust based on your budget.

How to take care of your period underwear?

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Soak them the minute you take them off. Wear them for as long as you can or feel comfortable in them. Drop them in cold water to soak or rinse out the stain.

Wash with your hands and only put them in a washing machine if you plan on washing them on their own (you don’t want to mix white laundry with these panties). Use mild detergent.

Dry them off by laying them flat and giving them some natural sunlight. They should be good as new after one session. No bad smell either.

FAQ about period underwear

1. Can you wear them for postpartum bleeding?

Yes, you can also multitask with them in this way. During the initial postpartum period, you may want to pair them with pads just in case of a thicker flow.

2. Can you swim in them?

This is a reasonable question since a lot of women like to wear tampons when off to the pool. However, you can find period swimwear specifically designed for this use.

3. How long will they take to dry?

Depending on absorbency level and humidity level, it can take between 6 and 24 hours to dry. Have patience during colder winter days.

4. Are these only for period days?

You can wear your chosen pair anytime you want and anywhere you like! They are made like regular briefs, only a tad bit thicker and offering you more support, perfect for working out, for instance!

5. Can anyone wear them?

Yes! There are no rules or exceptions. As long as you’re looking for a protective style, consider these panties. Teens, pregnant women, mums, workaholic women: simply everyone can wear them and should give them a go. In case you dislike the feeling, you can always go back to your pads & tampons.

Where to find high-quality and stylish period panties?

Not only that you can find underwear and bundle packs, but you can also find period-resistant swimwear at Modibodi! They do some amazing cuts, colors, and styles, and have curvy, sensual, classic, seamfree, and active categories for you to choose from! Find leggings that are leak-proof as well and know that you’re safe and sound when at the gym. If you’re not too sure which pair to go for and pick out just know that there is a product quiz that will narrow down your selection and options.