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7 Ways You’re Feeding Your Cat Wrong – 2024 Guide

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Who would have thought that there are right and wrong ways when it comes to feeding your cat?! Are you a cat owner? Maybe you plan on getting yourself a cat sometimes soon? If so, congrats since you’re in for loads of fun! Either way it is, this article will help you understand all the right and wrong ways when it comes to feeding your cat. Interested in giving them the most extravagant and fabulous life that they deserve? Since we all know how spoiled cats can truly be! Keep on reading and find out all there is to know!

Top 7 ways you’re feeding your cat wrong; time to fix these rookie mistakes

1. Let them eat cheese, we mean it

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Occasional cheese is a good choice for your furry pals. Why? Most cats will enjoy snacking a side dish of non-dairy cheese, and they will see it as a treat, but make sure not to overdo it! Also, avoid moldy cheese since it can cause diarrhea and gas in your cats. Wondering what kind to give them and at what time? Learn more here!

2. Never feed your cat next to your other cats or dogs

Once you place your bowl filled with food next to several different kittens or dogs jealousy can become a huge issue. Lining up several different bowls for your kittens means creating a mess between your pets. Although some cats can coexist beautifully alongside your other cats or dogs, each pet should have its alone time. Cats are solitary hunters and predators, and they also want to hunt and eat alone.

3. Think about switching up the time when and how you feed your cat

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Your cat needs smaller yet frequent portions. Most cats need to ”interact” with their prey, which means that they will take 2-3 bites (equal to 30 calories) and walk away. Their stomach is the size of a ping-pong ball, which means that they can hold only so much food at one time. If you don’t want a fat cat around the house, make sure to space out your portions properly throughout the day.

4. Say no to cat bowls

Some experts believe that feeding your cat from plastic or metal bowls can create some behavior/medical issues. Most cats can feel frustrated when it comes to eating or living indoor. The most common cause of euthanasia is because cats are surrendered to shelters, which happens due to behavior problems.

Some pet parents need to understand that some cats need the so-called ”seeking circuit” which means that they need to mentally hunt their food and kill it. By doing so their brain releases dopamine. Let your cat run out and be wild for a while, it will do her good, that’s for sure.

5. No need for home-made meals (that you’re eating)

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You probably love to cook for yourself, right? A lot of people also tend to make a few extra dishes for their pets since they believe that home-prepared is better than store-bought food. In some cases, this can be true, but only if your cat is on the right diet. Veterinarians believe that some diets can be deficient in taurine, and this can lead to heart disease. It is better to have a properly planned out diet before you start feeding your cat to unusual foods.

6. Too many treats is a big no-no

Humans love to snack and eat loads of treats, but do not think that the same rules apply to your cat. Everything has calories (aside from water), and feeding your cats with treats can lead to obesity. Most experts believe that your cat shouldn’t have more treats than its recommended 5 to 10 percent of its daily calorie intake. You could also keep a food journal for your furry buddy at first till you get the hang of it.

7. Cats do overeat, think about it

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Cats tend to indulge, a lot. People often free-feed their cats which can, once again, lead to obesity or excessive eating. Keep an eye out for their common foods, and only give them your targeted and preferred amount. Always weigh their food, and create adjustments of any kind (if needed) as the day goes on.

How to feed your cat the right way? Top three key rules to follow

1. An interactive toy will do the trick

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Cats love to play ”catch” with feather-like fabrics. You can also use any kind of fishing pole-type toys. This will boost their activity, they will get hungrier as time goes on, and you will train their brain. By placing their paws onto the toy, cats are constantly mimicking hunting and prey catching movements.

2. Feed them at the right moment, and always aim for the same time period

Cats tend to wake us up at night quite often, right? Well, try to avoid them and not give them attention at these late hours. Try to train their stomach and their needs according to your schedule. Give them a little snack before bedtime that will keep them fed during the night. Space out their foods, and as previously said, try to make a food journal that will help you in the beginning.

3. Moist food will do the trick

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Cats love treats, but they also love moist food. Your cat can easily become accustomed to specific textures. Once this happens he or she may need special care and a unique veterinary diet which is in a different texture than whatever you’ve been feeding her for a lifetime. Rather work your way little by little and make slight changes to their diet. Just as we need to eat different foods and satisfy all of our minerals & vitamins, so do they! You can read more about soft dry food for cats on www.mainecoonhawaii.com.

Ready to feed your furry pal, the right way?

So, are you ready to spoil your cat even more? Since now you know all the right ways on how to treat and feed your cat, are you going to give it a go? You don’t have to spend loads of money when giving your furry pal the life that they deserve. Just do your research, find some food items that they love, and keep a food journal. By thinking ahead and properly organizing, you will nail this in no time!