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Awesome explainer video templates for download

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Imagine that you find two websites that are offering something that you need. One of them has a video that explains everything about their service and the other one doesn’t. Both of the services are the same quality, so which service will you choose? The one with a video explaining stuff or the one without the video? Most of the people will choose the first site. And that is exactly why companies create explainer videos. Those videos are short (up to 90 seconds) and first they define the problems of customers and then they offer the solution. With explainer videos you can present your product, service or company and offer a solution for some problem that your customers may have. In this article we will give you some tips on creating those kind of videos, best explainer videos ever made so we can help your imagination and then you will get a list of best explainer video templates.

Tips for creating explainer videos

It can be really easy to create a simple video that will last for a minute and half. But that video must be right and that can be hard. Most of the explainer videos are placed on the homepage so it is very important to make it good. Here are some tips on how to create amazing explainer video.

  1. Script

Script is one of the most important parts of your explainer video and it is something you must have before you start creating and designing video. Take some time to explain your service, product or company in a best way but don’t forget that you must explain it so everyone can understand. If you have problems with this you can always ask someone for help or hire professional company to make it for you.

  1. Make it short

Take a good look at the next graph:


What can you see from this? Well, attention of viewers will begin to fall with the length of the video. The hard part about this is obvious, you must figure out how to explain everything about your product in a small amount of time. Don’t tell everything in your video, try to make it like an overview of the product that will get people interested in it.

  1. Try to make it simple

If you want to make your video short you will have to make it simple. And how to do that? Just divide your video on four different parts:

  • Problem – say something about the problem of your customers and try to keep it under 20 seconds.
  • Solution – present your product in 5 seconds.
  • The product – now explain your product and inform your customers about it. Try to do that in about 25 seconds.
  • What to do next – and for the final 10 seconds (which would complete one minute) you must explain to your viewers what they should do after the video ends.
  1. Don’t brag about the features

Try to skip the features of your product and present them as some benefit. For example, if you are presenting a smartphone with 20MP camera, 32GB of space on SD card and 5” screen you could add that into your video, and it would look like this: “My phone has 5” screen, 20MP camera and 32GB SD card”. Try to hear that sentence and you will understand that it probably doesn’t sound very good. Try to replace that with a sentence like: “A great screen will allow you to watch photos taken with high-resolution camera that are stored on large SD card.” You get me, right?

  1. Voice

If you don’t have a voice well enough for your videos then you should hire someone. Bad voice and poor audio can ruin the whole video even if the script is great and design is awesome. There are lots of options on the internet where you can find professional talent.

  1. Design and launch

Design is not as important for the explainer video. But, it must still look good. Your visual effects should present the story you are saying. Don’t put too much effects and details into visuals because that can be distracting for viewers. Try to find a perfect line between an awesome design and your message. You should also add some songs to your video too. A good music in video can create some emotional reaction for the viewer.
And finally, when you done all the work, you can publish your video. Before you put the video to your site you should get some great video host like Vimeo PRO, Brightcove or Wistia. After that you must create a plan. Marketing plan is a very important part of making your explainer video useful. What’s the point of making an amazing explainer video if no one will see it? Advertise it on your blog, include it in newsletters, publish it on social medias and similar. And the last part is to place the video on your homepage.


I hope these tips can help you if you are planning to create your own explainer video. Now you know what the most important parts of explainer video are but maybe you still can’t exactly see how it should look. It you are lacking imagination about this I suggest that you keep reading because in the next chapter you can see some of the best videos ever made that could give you something to start off with.

Best explainer videos for inspiration

Here are some of the best explainer videos ever made. When you see them you will understand why they are great and I hope they will give you some inspiration.

1. Wizzki – making Hiring Simple


2. Mailbox – e-mail management application


3. Pinterest – what is Pinterest?


4. Alden Systems – joint use communication


5. Student Hut – tool for college students


6. Furniture Mover


7. SatPhoneCity – satellite phone services company overview


8. Bubbl.us


9. IdeaRocket – PG&E Solar Billing


10. NextGlass


List of awesome explainer video templates

In the last part of our article we will present you some of the best explainer video templates. If you don’t want to create your own template by yourself or you simply don’t have enough time fort that then this templates will surely help you. Enjoy and if you make your own explainer video please show it to us. Who knows, maybe we add it to our best videos list 😉

  1. Pixity Land

Pixity Land is a clean and modern project designed to help you with creating of explainer video. With this package you will get over 500 elements which you can edit and place anywhere you want. You also get unlimited numbers of adult and child characters that can be easily edited. 4 premade stories will make your job of creating a video much easier and some of the motion shapes, animations and transition effects will surely impress you. One of the best templates every made. Download here.

  1. Whiteboard Kit – People & Things

The second template on our list is called Whiteboard Kit. Why it deserved to be here? Well, because it is amazing. With this package you get a large number of easily editable elements, animated scenes and peoples. You also get large number of speech bubbles that can be pointed at any direction. Set of weapons, containers, furniture, backgrounds, explosion effects and many other will make sure that you have everything at your hand, no matter of the project you are creating. Download here.

  1. Explainer Video Toolkit

This template gives you the opportunity to create your own commercial, advertisement, promotion video or explainer video in a really cool style and on easy way. With this template you get 3 different projects, 466 elements and 1134 composition in Full HD resolution and in different color schemes. You also get 6 different characters that can be easily customized and some great Adobe Effects controls. Great template! Download here.

  1. Kinetica

What to say about Kinetica? This great template will allow you to share your message to customers on a cool way with different color schemes and great, customizable scenes. With this template you also get music and fonts included. Music is “Gimme Beat” from Soundroll. Unfortunately, the music file is not included but you can purchase it if you want. Fonts of this template are Blanch, Corki and Intro. Download here.

  1. Character Promo Kit

Character Promo Kit is a stylish kit for creating your own explainer video for business, product or service. It doesn’t matter if your company is big or small, a web shop or some blog, this kit will serve you well. Use this kit to easily create your own video in a short time. This package includes 35 different schemes, a completely customizable characters which allow you to change their hair, clothes, skin and lots of other stuff. You get everything you need to create explainer video for every category. Download here.

  1. Explainer Video Toolkit 2

Few minutes ago (or at place number 3, to be exact) you checked template called Explainer Video Kit. Well, here we present you a second part. This template was the winner of videohive explainer video templates contest. Why? Because of its amazing features. It contains over 750 different elements, 66 scenes, 80 animations, 187 different items and much, much more. All that comes in Full HD resolution and you also get 16 short tutorials that will help you to get started with everything. It is probably the most versatile template for explainer videos and the award was completely deserved. Download here.

  1. Whiteboard Animation Pack

Another great template that deserved its place on our list is Whiteboard Animation Pack. It is here because it contains 2500 design elements that will help you to create your own story in a simple video. In contains characters, buildings, electronics, signs, flags, hands, lines, arrows and much more. Drag and drop technique allows you to easily create your visual and you can easily decide the duration of every composition. With this pack you also get 3 customizable projects and 70 different sound effects. Sounds great, right? Well, it is! Download here.

  1. Create Your Story Whiteboard Character Pack


This character pack called Create Your Story is a great template for everyone who want to create their own story with explainer video. With this project you get 4 different projects, large number of different characters and other elements. Amazing feature of this pack is character creator that allows you to create endless number of different characters. You also get over 2 hours of tutorials that will teach you how to use this pack. Download here.

  1. Web Design Explainer

Web Design Explainer template will help you to present yourself or your company on the right way. You get two voiceovers included, 6 different colors templates and some amazing sounds effects. Almost everything you need to do is place your logo where you want it and you’re done. It is very easy to use and it comes in Full HD resolution. Great template. Download here.

  1. Explainer Video Stickmania

Last template on our list is very interesting because it allows you to create great explainer video for your company, service or product with the help of stickman. With this pack you get 38 different scenes, 12 transitions and 12 animations for stickman. The best part is, everything is easily customizable and you can even create your own animations. With this template you will also get a video tutorial that will explain everything to you. It lasts only about 10 minutes so in 10 minutes you will know how to use this template to create your own explainer video that will be different than others. Download here.