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Are You Choosing The Right Explainer Video?

the right explainer video

Are You Choosing The Right Explainer Video

People love to see videos explaining something, so they can inform themselves on various subjects whether it’s recruiting new workers, studying the black hole mechanics or finding out how to tie a tie. However, the real question is, do you know what you’re looking for when creating explainer video for your company or business? So what is actually the term explainer video? Those type of videos are bringing our attention and focus to making subject or idea much more easy to understand. A greatly constructed explainer video could mean all the difference between having frustrated customers and the ones that do understand what you’re doing. It is estimated that the average attention span on internet is less than eight seconds and that is less attention than goldfish has! Explainer videos are slowly starting to become effective strategy for various brands and companies o retain or engage attention of their audiences. The demand for video content is growing constantly.

In a recent study, 59% of executives expressed their opinion that they would rather watch video online, than read about the same subject in text form covering all information on webpage. There are 3 basic versions of explainer videos. Those are : homepage explainers, educational explainers and impact explainers. All 3 of them require different approach, when it comes to production of video. In order to create successful explainer video you have to know what your audience requires and understand what they expect to feel. Before you start to create one, imagine how you’d like customers to react and respond to it. Keep in mind that there are certain things which could affect both your video and opinion on brand. When editing video don’t put boring and uninspiring visuals along with poor sound production. This is really important because 62% consumers said that they have negative perception when company released video with poor quality.

As I’ve already mentioned before, there are 3 basic types of explainer videos, but I want to get more into details of each of them. First one is impact explainer. It is great for email marketing, direct marketing as well as social media. Impact video explainers are created for encouraging audience to find out more about specific product or service. Professionals in marketing field are saying that they are getting most conversions through the use of videos, then any other marketing tool. There are also homepage explainers. It usually serve for introduction to service or company, placed on the landing page of your website. Brands who decide to use homepage explainers have 41% more of web traffic coming from search results than those who are not using it.

The function of those videos is conveying value proposition to your customers, invoking empathy in those who are watching it, explaining in video how you’re facing challenges and obstacles while solving those issues in the end. Homepage explainer videos can be effective tool for retaining attention of customer and achieving success. If you’re featuring videos on landing page you have chance to improve conversion rate by 80%. This leads me to final and third type of explainer videos. Those are educational. It usually serve for explaining complex subjects in most effective way. We as humans are learning much more easily when more of our senses are stimulated at the same moment, and video explainers also have audio, which is very effective way to learn. Seeing animation in explainer video can increase memorizing of information for about 15%. Which one will you choose?