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Awesome Instapage Templates for Download 2024


Instapage is a great tool that allows everyone to create their own landing pages and save the money they would spend on hiring a professional designer to design them a landing page. Everyone can create their landing pages with Instapage, even if they don’t know a lot about design. But, if you want something special and your own then you can design something yourself because app supports custom JavaScript, HTML and CSS widgets.


What is landing page?

Like I already said, Instapage is a tool for creating landing page. But what is landing page? That is a page where visitors go after they click on some advertisement. If you create a good landing page then there is a chance that random visitors who come there will become your customers. If you are creating some marketing campaign then it is very important to create a good landing page.

Something that could confuse you is a homepage. Isn’t landing page the same thing as homepage? No, it is not.

People who come to your homepage are mostly familiar with your products and services. They have your site bookmarked somewhere or they searched exactly for it on Google. They will go to other resources of your site from the homepage.

Homepage vs landing

People who come to the landing page are mostly the people who don’t know who you are and what your business is. Maybe they even accidentally came there. Your job there is to present your service, product or website to them, inform them about it and convince them that it’s good. Present only the basic information to them and try to attract their attention with that because that will make them want to find out more and they will now go your homepage.

So, you get it now? Great! Now it’s time to learn how to create a basic landing page.

Tips for creating landing pages

It can be pretty hard to create a good landing page. That’s why you will need a lots of practice but also some advices and tips. But you must find out few things before you start.

First think about your goal. Is your goal to sell something through that landing page? Attract visitors to your homepage? Make them fill out some form? Subscribe to e-mail newsletter? Or something else? That is the first step. Decide what you want and then move on.

Now that you know what your goal is you should get to know your competition. Find out who is your competition, how good is their success and how can you imitate them. If they have something special that works with visitors very well then just use it at your page. But don’t copy everything because you could get into trouble J

You must also learn something about your visitors, or audience if you will. If you understand them better then you can offer them what they want, that is just pure logic. Get in their heads.

And the last thing you must know is the locations from which your visitors are coming and then optimize your page based on that locations. For example, make different landing page for visitors who come from Facebook, different page for visitors from Twitter and another one Google.

Those are the things you must find out before you start creating a landing page. But now there is another question, how to create great landing page?

Well, great landing pages are mostly very short and nice, they provide some useful information but not too much because too much information on landing page won’t attract visitor. In fact, it will do exactly the opposite of that. Like we said before, you should provide only the basic information.

Another thing that great landing pages should have is obvious steps. When visitors come to the end of some point, point A for example, there should be some obvious sign for going to point B or the next step. For example, download links or click buttons.
What else? Oh yeah, design. Landing pages should be clear and have a simple design that will present all the information on easy way. Navigation should be clearly visible and also simple to use. Avoid popup windows and advertisements.

Headline and sub headings are also a very important part of landing pages and you should always include them. Headline should be used to present and confirm your offer and sub heading should explain it more.

There are lots of other tips and advices on landing pages that could make them better. Just search it on Google and inform yourself even better. For example, videos should be included whenever it is possible, images must have high quality and be related to the content, colors should be matched, there should be visible share buttons, design must be responding and you should always have a thank you page.

Five great landing pages

As usual, now when you learned most of the stuff about Instapage, landing pages and you learned how to create them, it is time to give you some inspiration with some of the best landing pages ever made.

  1. Five Stars

Five Stars is an example of landing page where the headline is highly noticeable, CTA button is well placed, images are related to content and they have high quality. There are also testimonials included and it just looks great.

Five Stars

  1. Outbrain

On this landing page headline is very effective and optimized. This page also includes a video where the whole service is explained and navigation is easy.


  1. Periscope

Headline is very good, testimonials are included and page includes a great screenshots that present the product and the way it works. But the problem is navigation which should be removed.


  1. Parse

This is a clear example of simple and clean landing page. Headline is effective and images are well placed and they present the product and all of its features on nice and good way.


  1. Stratos

Stratos landing page has a great video that explains everything you need to know about their product. There is also effective headline that also shortly describes the product and you can see all the features that product includes on with images that show how every feature works.


Best Instapage templates

So, now you think you should have landing page? Trust me, your business will be much effective if you create good landing page. And one of these five templates will surely help you to make an amazing and attractive landing page that will impress every visitors. Good luck!

  1. Conference – Instapage Landing Page

And here we are, the start of our list. First Instapage template is called Conference. It is landing page made mostly for events and conference projects although you can use it for other pages too. It is highly responsive, comes with flexible elements and Instapage page builder. Download here.


  1. Flare – Instapage Startup Landing Page

Flare is the new Instapage landing page template made for startup projects. Flare can also be used for a large amount of other projects because it is highly customizable. It is responsive so it looks good on all devices and it comes with Instapage page builder so it is easy to change everything and make it exactly how you want it to be. Download here.


  1. Klank Event – Instapage Event Landing Page

Klank Event is clean and modern Instapage landing page template. Klank Event is fully responsive, comes with more than 14 different sections, pricing table, lead form and integrated Google Map. It also comes with great support, Drag & Drop feature and much more features you will surely love. Download here.

Klank Event

  1. Host Rocket Instapage Template – Web Hosting

Host Rocket Instapage Template is an amazing template designed for your web hosting service. It will present your hosting on a clean, simple and perfect way that will surely attract every visitor of your landing page. It is fully responsive, comes with easy editable content, video support and some great HTML5 animations. You get two different versions and video support. Download here.

Host Rocket

  1. Agency Creative Landing Page

Agency Creative Landing Page is an Instapage template that will perfectly fit agencies, startup projects or different studios. But it is multi-purpose so it will fit all other business categories too. It is easily customizable, fully responsive and comes with Drag & Drop feature. Download here.