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Anatomy of the Perfect Profile Photo


Profile photo is what will leave a first impression of you on the social networks. It does affect how people perceive your online presence. So do not be embarrassed to invest some effort for the better profile pic. Follow these 5 simple rules that we prepared for you and also check out the infographic below for the perfect profile photo.

Good light
Photographers recommend to take a picture at the outdoors or indoors without flash. If you’re shooting outdoors, avoid looking into the sun because you will, most likely, squint. If you’re shooting indoors, avoid places that are directly lit by a lamp or natural light, choose places with the soft shadows.

Do not be among those whose take a picture in front of the bathroom mirror, not because of the water heater or wet towels in the background. Select a neutral background so that nothing detracts attention from what’s matter, ant that is you.

Try to take the picture – or better yet, let someone else to take picture of you – so that about two-thirds of space on picture is you. If you do not succeed, use one of the programs for image editing and cut all the excesses.

Dimensions and size
Watch out for the default dimensions and formats to each of the social networks in which you will use the photo. You do not want to put a square photo as the cover photo on Facebook, which by definition is rectangular so it can happen that only the head is visible.

Profile picture is something by which people recognize you. Do not, therefore, change it every couple of days, because you will confuse them.

Profile photos are so essential to modern communication that a good one’s become a basic necessity. And that couldn’t be truer than for those of us whose professional lives are tied to social media profiles. For more advices on how to make the perfect profile photo, check out the infographic below. The study was based on over 60,000 ratings of perceived Competence, Likability, and Influence for 800 profile photos in PhotoFeeler database.