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Anatomy of a Perfect Website [infographic]


Visually attractive website attracts visitors, and that visual element is certainly the first experience and the thing that visitors notice when they visit your website. If the site is beautiful, harmonious and functionally designed visitor will feel comfortable and will continue to research and use the website. Likewise, if the page has not left a positive first impression, a visitor will go to another site and there to look for the desired information.

The functions of a good web design:

  • Website design should be appealing and attractive while allowing users perception and use of the content. The design should be a link between the user and the information on the page.
  • Enable you to recognize each page as part of a whole (web site)
  • Enable users to easily and intuitively use navigation website
  • Finally, web design should make maximum use of the principles of web usability and visual design

Just like a student of medicine needs the foundation of a thorough understanding of human anatomy, just like a mechanic can not survive without knowing the ins and outs of a car’s engine, and similar to the love and reverence of a software programmer to C ++, developers of templates for websites, web apps and all web based user experiences have a lot to gain from being thorough with the core essentials of a website’s Anatomy!

In cooperation with template.net, we enclose you an interesting infographic about the Basics to Design a Website [Anatomy of a Perfect Website]: