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Advantages of Virtual Workouts

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COVID gave birth to lots of new ways to get things done. Out of those, exercising was a niche that got an overhaul too. Applications and workout videos found a stronger foothold in the online world. On top of that, virtual workouts became a rising trend because of the general unavailability of workout buddies and trainers being absent for in-person sessions. People needed an outlet and a way to socialize during and after the pandemic passed. And thus came the option of virtually engaging yourself from the confines of your home to get connected and stay healthy all with a little bit of effort.

Ease of Setup

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With workouts shifting to a digital medium and mode of instruction they bypass the need to physically be present. You could still go ahead and get your workout in as an individual but it’s always better to do it with a friend. We’d recommend getting out there and active with a buddy so you guys can enjoy competitive workouts together. All you need is a device and a capable internet to keep your connection stable. This isn’t an issue when it comes to Mediacom and its plethora of options for both internet and speed. There’s always something in there for your tastes.

Weekly Challenges

When it comes to competitive workouts, there’s nothing better than challenging a friend who’s doing the same thing as you. With both of you equipped with an app that tracks your steps, jogs, workouts, and the like, you can opt for weekly challenges and see who comes out on top. Samsung has gotten creative with this and used their Samsung Health app to act as a conduit for keeping track of changes in activity and linking up with your buddies. Samsung uses real-time tracking apps that are built into their app or if you’re using a Samsung phone, then their eco-system comes in pretty handy. There’s lots of different ways to tackle weekly challenges:

Healthy Eating:

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You and your mates could use this option to keep a daily log of who’s eating what. This especially helps with diet plans so you can be extra vigilant of your intake not just because of the calories but also because you don’t want anyone taking your top spot. The result? Everyone is happily engaged in a cycle of getting fit and healthy challenges.

Most Calories Burnt:

Obviously, with virtual workouts, keeping a calorie counter is of the utmost importance. You can use your competitive weekly challenges and incorporate into them a track of the most calories burnt out by your group. This leads to everyone doing their best inside and outside the house to remain extra cautious of their diet and spend ample time trying to burn the most calories and overtake each other.

Selective Exercises:

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Suppose you and your buddies are good at one particular exercise. You all feel quite confident about it. This could be anything from pushups to plank holds. Rather than challenging each other for all the workout types, you guys could narrow it down and put up a challenge for that specific exercise. You could exchange your data for each week and see who did the best when it came to that exact workout activity.

Cardio Activity Tracking;

Getting an overall tone in your body can only happen through cardio activity-induced exercises. Running, cycling and cross-fit exercises are the way to go in this regard. The more you get your heart pumping, the more there’s a good chance that you’ll be burning calories effectively. And it’s in human nature to try even harder when you want to get a healthy competition going. Forming a healthy plan with friends to get in on your exercises would lead to all of you doing cardio and then exchanging your logged activity at the end of the week to see who took the lead. It’s exciting and healthy at the same time.

Training Apps

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If you don’t feel like doing it yourself, you can always get motivation through apps that help with this. Popular apps that keep you on the run are Strava, Nike, and Adidas each of which helps keep you on your feet through daily reminders and logs that have you thinking at the back of your mind about what your next step would be. Additionally, apps like Zwift make use of augmented reality to provide you with virtual routes from around the world along with their own terrain. This leads to excitement and curiosity to try out new tracks just to get the feel of the land. Coaches are available as well at reasonable prices to provide a tailored experience for your body type and then shape your workout routine to your daily schedule. It’s best that you explore your options and then choose accordingly.


Everything is going digital these days and most people feel like it’s okay to lounge around your house as long as you’re getting the work done. Yes and no. if you’re at your house, then you need to get up on your feet every once in a while and refresh your body and mind. This is where virtual workouts come in. They offer the perfect alternative to maintaining yourself physically and mentally. And why stay alone in this? The more the merrier and that’s where half the magic of this alternative lies. The apps offered for virtual workouts almost always allow more people to follow in or lead the relevant exercise so regardless of whatever you choose, you’d be getting a buddy or a trainer to help you through your virtual workout. Give it a try.