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Advantages of Video Resume in 2024

Dark resume

Want to make your own video resume? But what exactly is that? Video resume is a short video that will present all the qualifications, experience and interest from some worker. When you create your video resume one then you can easily edit it and adjust it to some special company or employer. Video resumes allow people to present their creativity, imagination and their personal skills to some company or employer.

Advantages of video resume

Video resume is just a modern version of traditional resumes and it makes applicants that have them stand out and be better than others. It is easier to present yourself with video resume than it is with written one. There are lots of other advantages, and we will 5 of the biggest.


With a video resume it is very easy to good in front of some company where you want the job. You can present your skills in two ways. First way, verbal one, is what you talk and how you present your skills for that particular job. The other way, non-verbal one is how you make the video because it is possible to present, for example, your camera and video skills just by making this video.


Ever heard of body language? If you know something about it and can use it smartly then it is possible to transfer feelings to your body and show whatever you feel or in this case, whatever you want and you want the job. Transfer you feelings into your body in that video and show employer how much you want that job.

First impressions

Everyone always says that the first impression is the most important one. Well, video resume gives you a great chance with that. Present yourself in any way you want. Don’t lie, of course, but you will always have the advantage over people with written resume.


In just few minutes of video it is possible to show your own personality. Record a video in very positive mood and try to attract and engage the employer.

Easy to make

The best part of all this is that you can easily make your own video resume. Creating this video can be very simple if you know what you are doing. To make a great video resume it probably won’t be enough just to record yourself. To make something amazing inform yourself about everything about video resumes and then get to work.

How to make video resume?

So, how to make video resume? Like we already mentioned above, it is very easy. But you want to be impressive. Then you are on the right place because in the next list you can find five great tips for creating your video.

Simple is beautiful

You probably heard for this expression before, right? Well, it applies to this situation too. In this case, simple refers to short. Your video resume shouldn’t be an interview with employer, it should just serve as a showcase of your skills. Try to keep video resume under 3 minutes.


Video resume will make you stand out among other traditional resumes. But what will make you stand out among other video resumes? Creativity, of course. Make the resume spectacular. Use your imagination, use humor, use help from your friends and put some time into it because, in the end, you will be happy with the results. The most important part is to find the line between creative and professional because you must keep the resume connected to the job you’re applying to.

Be passionate

When you read some text or book out loud to someone do you read it just to finish it faster, or you are reading like it’s boring or you read it like that moment is the most important part of your life? If the answer is yes only to the third question then you shouldn’t have any problems with video resume. If you answer yes to any of the first two questions you will have to try harder to make yourself look better in video. Be passionate when telling the employer why you should get that job and why you are perfect for it.

Is it related to the job?

When you are making the resume make sure to make it for the job you’re applying to. Don’t highlight your photography skills and then apply for a job of programmer with that video resume. Also, don’t send video resume to some traditional companies that maybe won’t even understand it. It is very important for video resume to be related to the job and company where the job opening is.


The last and most important advice is – think about your resume and how it looks before you publish it. If you feel ashamed for some part of it then remove that part. What if your resumes becomes very viral and is seen by thousands of people? But when you publish it you notice some small but large errors. Show the resume to your friends and family before publishing it.

Great video resumes examples

Now when you know almost everything about video resumes it is time to give you some inspiration. Check out my list of 5 very creative video resumes. Those resumes surely got the job.

About me by Miguel Durao

This funny dude called Miguel Durao is a copywriter so he must be good with words. And trust me, he is. And he made a great video which proves that, and his girlfriend is hot by the way.

V.I.V – Intro by Graeme Anthony

This particular video shows only the intro of the whole resume by Graeme Anthony. The whole resume also contains about me video, skills, portfolio, timeline and contact video.

My Creative CV by Adam Clowery

When you name your CV like that then it better be good. And luckily for Adam, it is. He used his digital drawing skills in this video to show off that and some other skills. Very smart Adam, very smart.

Video resume by James Corne

James has a big problem, he is workaholic. This video is a sad story about a man that is dealing with this problem since he was a child. Another example of amazing video resume. We support you James.

The Interview Thingy – Video CV by Alex There

Alex made a nice video resume that presents her skills on a creative and funny way. It shows her skills in an interview style. Very creative resume that surely attracted a lot of attention.

So, that’s it. Only thing you need to do now is start creating your video resume. If you don’t like to create it all by yourself then browse through some templates below and find something that suits you well.

Video resume templates

Portfolio resume

This particular video resume template is 1,23 seconds long, it comes in 1920×1080 HD resolution and it contains 26 image/video placeholders. It was created in CS5. With this template you also get a video tutorial that explains you how to use and edit this video.


Minimalist portfolio resume

Second template on our list is called Minimalist portfolio resume and it is very stylish template that will help you to present yourself and your skills to some employer or company. It comes with more than 60 text placeholders, 12 scenes, 1000 icons set and 4 media placeholders. Video comes in full HD resolution and it is 2 minutes and 36 seconds long.


Minimalist resume

Another great template that will allow you to present yourself to company in a simple and minimalistic way. It comes with lots of customizable characters, text holders and unlimited color schemes.


Portfolio resume

The fourth template on our list is once again a great template that comes with 17 image/video placeholders, full HD resolution, tutorial video and it lasts for 1 minute and 22 seconds.


Resume time

Resume time template is a great video resume template that will help you to create your own resume that will present your skills on an easy and attractive way. Create your own video resume with any color you want and show your video in full HD resolution.


Professional resume and portfolio

Professional resume and portfolio is very stylish and modern video resume template that comes with 36 textholders, 4 image/video placeholders, great color management, full HD resolution and it lasts 1 minute.


Dark resume

Dark resume is modern and creative template that will help you to showcase your works or your skills to some company or employer. It lasts for 1 minute and 20 seconds. It comes in full HD resolution and contains some amazing native effects.


Elegant resume

Elegant resume is, well elegant. It is a very simple and clean video template that is also very customizable and you can edit all colors, text and photos. It comes in 3 different versions, full HD resolution and some other amazing features.


Motion resume

Motion resume is a great video resume template that will help you to promote yourself on internet on a really great way. You can use it to present yourself to company or employer and really impress them with your creativity.


Area portfolio and CV presentation

Last theme on our list is called Area portfolio and CV presentation and it will allow you to present yourself with a dose of creativity and imagination. This template gives you full control of colors, lots of different customizable scenes that can easily be duplicated, full HD resolution and PDF tutorial to help you with using it.