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21 Must Have Social Media Tools Every Marketer Needs


Social networks have been for several years the most effective way to acquire new customers – generate clicks and create visibility, and that is what every entrepreneur wants today as a first and essential step towards success. While it is relatively easy to lead one or two user accounts of your client (not necessarily), but what occurs when a quality community manager take three, four or more clients who demand to keep Facebook and Twitter? And Instagram. And Google+. And LinkedIn. And Tumblr. And Pinterest. Maybe you got the main idea where we’re going.  The Internet is loaded with a variety of social media tools that can facilitate the work and add many values that we believe you did not know. Take a look at the infographic below and find out what are the best social media tools and why to use them.

social media tools

For the conclusion; Invest, try, risk it. Each of these applications / web services can only help in the process to become a better community manager who is delivering results and creating opportunities. Like any good master and you have to invest in quality tools, and these are just some that you should use and that will further enhance your efforts.