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WordPress Stats Infographic


Although WordPress was initially a platform for blogging, it eventually evolved into a real CMS system that allows users to easily create new content on their websites.

WordPress Features


At its core WP platform is intended for those who have not expertise and experience in creating websites. Text editing is done via a text editor and is almost equal to any word processing program.

Tools and Accessories

The most important feature of this system are numerous threads with which you can design a top-notch website. In addition to themes, WordPress community is working every day on features that can enrich Web pages and so it can be added to a variety of functionality (such as the contact form, questionnaire, calendar, linking Web site with social networks …). Most of the new themes are responsive that allows you to view pages on the smartphone and tablet.


The great advantage of this system is that it is fully localized into many languages. In addition to translating an administrative interface of WordPress also supports creation of multilingual websites. Currently the most popular supplement for this purpose is WPML for easy translation pages, articles, menus and other elements of the web site.

User Roles

WordPress allows the owner of the site to allow users what they can and can not do within the site. The owner can limit who can edit articles, create new pages, add and edit categories, moderate comments, install new add-ons and the like.

SEO optimization

As for SEO optimization for web search engines WP solves 90% of the problems related to SEO. All what users have to do is type the appropriate titles and descriptions of pages or articles to web search engines and WordPress can index new content. It is no wonder that many pages created on this platform have the best results on Google.

Other advantages of the WordPress CMS platform

The most important advantage of WordPress is that it is a open-source platform on which work thousands of developers from around the world to introduce new functionality to the system for each new version. The new versions come out several times a year so it is very important to regularly update your page in order to correct possible security risks. WP code is written in order to achieve full compliance with all W3C standards, which enables proper display of Web pages in all browsers.

Below you can check interesting WordPress stats:

wordpress stats