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Be SEO Smart in 2015


Investing in SEO is definitely something that is worth for your business, like any investment in communications and marketing, it will bring an increase in sales if you done it right.

There are lot of tips and tricks on how to better optimize websites for search engines. However, in Internet marketing, including in the field of search engine optimization, rules are changing quickly. Google regularly refreshes its algorithms and criteria, change the search habits, but also the rules of what is allowed and what is not. Some procedures and practices that are respected by SEO experts and which they recommend wholeheartedly year or two ago, today will do more harm than good. What would a few years ago resulted in an excellent position in the search results, now can bring you to the blacklist.

Welcome to 2015, the year in which the rules have completely changed. This year you should pay attention to whether your keyword is too used otherwise you can earn negative penalties. Optimization for search engines is still not so difficult, but you should pay attention on a lot of things.

How strong is your search engine ranking? If your site is not mobile-friendly, fast-loading, and clutter-free, it might be weaker than you think. Check out this infographic for tips on how to keep your site optimized in 2015: