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ActivityTracker App ─ Stay Fit Using The Best Health Tracking App 2024

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ActivityTracker App designed to track your health activities. It’s undeniable that modern technology has managed to open up practically a brand new world of possibilities when it comes to health-related alternatives.

You can find today an app for everything, and the health department is no exception to the rule. On the contrary, technological mobile advancement has led to the emergence of a wide range of health apps, from nutrition and meditation to sleep and fitness tracking.

The great thing about modern science is it can significantly facilitate the process of improving our health. In the past, the solutions were to hire a personal coach or to pay for a gym membership, but not anymore.

Now, if you want to get in shape, you can easily do that with the aid of your smartphone and specially designed-fitness apps.

How Can Fitness Tracking Apps Help?

So we’ve heard it all before, fitness apps can help us improve our health. But how exactly? Well, the ways are multiple.

First of all, these apps are useful because they can help us monitor our progress. No matter what you’re tracking, whether it’s the distance you’ve run or the calories you’ve burned, you can receive constant updates about your actual fitness level and hence know how much you’ve accomplished from day one.

Another important aspect is the fact that you have the option to set realistic goals to achieve. You can’t go from one extreme to another, so if you haven’t been the active type you can’t turn yourself into a fitness superstar overnight.

Improving your physical condition is a process that requires adaptation and a certain period, and that’s why you need to set achievable goals. Apps help you create a realistic fitness plan and choose the suitable level of intensity, so you don’t work yourself too hard.

A fitness tracking app makes it all about you. You can save precious time (no need to drive to a gym), you can also save money (many apps are free or have low prices in comparison to a gym membership or a fitness gadget) and you have the freedom to work on your fitness anywhere and anytime.

Get in Shape with ActivityTracker by Bits&Coffee

The fitness app industry has been booming for the past years, so it’s only natural that the alternatives be quite impressive. There are many apps ready to help users change their sedentary lifestyle and ActivityTracker by Bits&Coffee is one of them.

ActivityTracker is a pedometer app for iPhone that monitors users’ day-to-day activity without draining their battery since it uses the motion processor instead of GPS, and without having to wear an additional gadget.

The app provides valuable metrics for the users’ physical condition, like the steps taken, distance walked, the total calories burned, the flights of stairs climbed, or the active time.

Because we all love to feel that sense of accomplishment, ActivityTracker allows you to set clear, realistic targets for yourself.

Moreover, since motivation remains a fundamental factor, the app will keep you going by showing you how much you’ve progressed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

And if you’re anxious to monitor your progress, the app also enables the option to check your activity on an hourly basis.

ActivityTracker is compatible with the Apple Watch and allows you to import your entire physical data from the iPhone’s built-in Health app, so there’s no need to start from scratch. It can also import or export your information in case you change your iPhone model.

What Brings New Version 2.1

Bits&Coffee has recently released version 2.1 of ActivityTracker, which comes with a couple of new features. The most noticeable change is the synchronization of steps between the iPhone, Apple Watch, and HealthKit, but you can see all the updates made below:

  • Synchronize steps between iPhone, Apple Watch and HealthKit (Pro version)
  • Swift left and right to change days in the main view
  • New haptic effect for iPhone 7 and 7+
  • Faster startup speed
  • Small improvements to animations and menu

All things considered, using a step counter app like ActivityTracker is a great way to become more active and implicitly healthier. Just set achievable goals, and show commitment and the results will surely be rewarding.

To download the ActivityTracker app from the App Store, please click here.