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Why is good web design very important? [Infographic]


What secrets are hidden behind the most successful websites on the Internet? Why do some sites succeed while most do not? Nowadays many business owners ask this question, and the answers are more than obvious.

Fast loading

Build a website so that the content shows fast, structured and clear! People are in a hurry. So what does this mean for successful web design? It simply means that you only have 30 seconds or less to capture the visitor’s attention! If they can at least start to read about your offerings within this period, they will go elsewhere. To reduce website load time, keep graphics to a minimum size and optimize it when possible.

Responsive design

Responsive web design technique allows the creation of a website that will automatically adjust to the screen size of the user’s device. In practice this will mean that the text, tables, charts, price lists and photos automatically increase or decrease depending on whether the visitor website viewing on a mobile phone, tablet or desktop or laptop computer. Not a single button or banner will no longer be sat on cell phones, and 30 of your products will no longer appear in the endless queues, but all products will be shown one below the other. Responsive design also makes maximum use of the advantages of large widescreen monitor, but also the best possible way transposes the elements of your website for better viewing on tablets and smartphones. Even Google “positive” overlooks the fact that your site is tailored to mobile devices, which will lead to a better positioning in search results as compared to other websites which are not yet recognized the importance of mobile users. Your users will be heartily thankful to responsive web design because it favors the best possible user experience, and your sales will not suffer due to customers and clients who dropped out of navigating on the vast website and turned away to your competitors. About importance of responsive design read here.

The design generally

Make sure your website has a harmonious appearance. Nothing is more distressing for visitors from feeling that they clicked on the link, which although on your page looks like a completely different location. Comply with the same style, orientation, color, text layout and fonts. Use simple methods of navigation. Make your website to be simple and intuitive for surfing. Limit the choices you have available and direct your attention to the sales process,  customer and site visitors.


Content is the most important. In a good website content selling product! Ask yourself the following questions:

– Does your content gives the message you you want to transfer to your visitors?
– Is your content interesting to visitors or customers?
– Does your content leads visitors through the process?

Have a medium design, hosting slow, and quality content is not is not a winning UX combination. Today’s visitors are very much more demanding because of the fact that they can choose among many similar websites. More about this particular topic you can read here. And below you can see infographic about why a good web design is so important.