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Why is responsive web design important for business?


Google has launched a new way for recommended pages on smartphones, thus completely changing ability to visit websites, namely retailers, commercial sites, restaurants, a variety of companies. Google wants to provide their users to search for specific information through mobile devices on easier and faster way. This is one of the most significant changes that Google has ever made in the statistics of searches.

This means that those who have customized their sites for use on mobile devices (responsive) will benefit from this new algorithm, because Google will put them closer to the first position in search results. A new algorithm for mobile search will alter the page rank depends on finding the necessary parameters, and will recommend only those pages that are responsive – tailored to a specific resolution and technology. Parameters such as responsiveness results, availability of JavaScript and CSS files, return links, SEO and many others have been key in which Google made a new algorithm for searches.

The pages which are not adapted with new technologies, that are made in Flash or just not responsive, will regress to their page rank on the search engines and the number of visitors will be reduced.

From Google, they say: “This change will affect all browsers on mobile devices around the world, and will have a significant impact on results.” Over the past several years, many have invested in customizing their site to mobile technologies. And as the number of users of mobile technology will continueto increase, in this way, users will be “rewarded”, ie. search system will no longer seclude them as the secondary users. Thus searching through the smartphone will equalize with search through desktop computers.

Check the infographic below which shows why is responsive web design important for business: