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Premium Business Branding Package on Sale

Perfect for startups this Business Branding Package has proven to be a Godsend for a fresh company such as ours. With features that include everything that a startup needs, our struggles were minimized when we signed up for this Business Branding Package.

Setting up a new company is no easy feat. The struggles of gaining market share, increasing recognition among peers, competition from all quarters, leaves an entrepreneur exhausted at the end of the day.

This package proved its worth when we utilized what it offered and was able to reduce the stress that would have otherwise plagued us into more sleepless nights.

It is a complete professional business branding package that helped us put our company in the forefront.

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Business Branding – A Name Worth Recognizing

Business branding package is very important for any business. It is something that creates an identity for any company. It is something that is carried on for years to come and should be well thought out and easy to be recognized with. Branding of any company remains true to the business ethics of that place. It encompasses so much more than just the name and the logo. It is a legacy that is carried on in times to come.

That is why, when a company is initially set up, there needs to be a strong will to create something that is recognizable and the brand becomes a household term. Only then does branding become successful.

Included in Business Branding Package

  1. Business PowerPoint Presentation

Business PowerPoint Presentations are very important for companies to pitch to potential clients. It is a means of presenting the company and team members, in order to make an impression on customers. The more professional a presentation, the better the impression. TechInfographics provided for a template and services that made it easier for us to make a more coherent pitch for future use. With minor tweaks this was a hassle free experience.

  1. Corporate Banners 

Whenever there is any business event, Corporate Banners are hung up at strategic positions for greater visibility. The more eye catching a banner, the more interest generated. With services that provided for great layout of our content and company branding, we were on the road to greater strategic positioning and prominence. Details that needed to stand out were emphasized and our corporate banner could not have looked better had we done it ourselves. 

  1. Elegant Business Cards

This small piece of paper has significant importance. It holds all pertinent information regarding your business; your location, telephone number, even your business logo. Your name and ranking also places you at a strategic position when you introduce yourself, with the help of your business card. It shows professionalism and boosts your image in the world of business. Business cards should be treated with the importance that it deserves. Relegating it to the back burner may actually put you at the back foot when it comes to introductions on a more personal and one on one level. 

  1. Professional Email Signature

In this day and age with emails doing a bunch of business communication, it is imperative to pay extra attention to email signatures. This “ending” line may hold great importance when you shoot out emails to potential clients and suppliers. Professional email signatures round off your email to look more elegant and give a touch of specialty and credence to your company. It seems more well thought out and shows that you are willing to pay attention to detail, rather than leave things out to chance. 

  1. Icons Package

Icons compress your logo to something smaller than the whole brand itself, especially if you have your own website and/or app. The icon or logo becomes synonymous with your brand image and becomes more accessible to your potential users. 

  1. MS Word Invoice

Invoices too can be a means of branding. With your company name and logo on a sheet of paper, clients instantly come into contact with more of your stationery. This is a more covert type of branding. Invoices that are clear and concise make for a beautiful piece of stationery, something that your company should be proud of to own. 

  1. MS Word Letterhead

Not all communication is done through emails. Letters are still part of the equation. Contracts too are needed on hard paper. In such a case, letterheads are needed, to distinguish your company and make it look more professional in the industry. Attractive letterheads are part of the company image and give off a sense of quality and serious air. 

  1. Photoshop Business Brochure

Brochures help spread the word about a business. It is a strong means of extending the identity of an entity. Fresh companies are in dire need of imparting knowledge to as many potential clients and suppliers as possible. Well thought out brochures are able to quickly and effectively do that. Quality and concise content make a brochure interesting. Rather than filling the page up with as much information as possible, a good brochure imparts the company’s business without making it boring and difficult to understand. 

  1. Photoshop Facebook Timeline Cover

Social media has become a stronghold for many businesses. Many old and new companies have taken the help of this medium to advance in their respective industry. Making an interesting Timeline Cover was a high priority when we started off. We knew the significance of this step and took time to come up with the most eye catching cover with the help of TechInfographics’ services. We were not disappointed. 

  1. PowerPoint Business Proposal

It is also a business presentation, but with an inclination towards making deals with suppliers or clients. Strong business proposals are able to put forward deals in the most effective way, which should end up making mutually beneficial decisions for all parties concerned.


All in all our decision of taking up TechInfographichs’ Professional Business Branding Package proved to be a very profitable one indeed. At $64.38 it was definitely a good bargain. It eased up on our efforts to individually concentrate on all these points that make a sound business brand. Truth be told we did not even consider some of them, until we came across this offer. It is literally a one stop shop for companies seeking to brand their fresh startups or existing companies in need of rebranding.

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