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The Secrets of ideal post on the Internet


Maybe it used to be enough to publish text, video or photo on the Internet to get you noticed by more people, but nowadays things are extremely complex, and this infographic reveals some very interesting guidelines …

Authors of infographis have played a bit and turned the Internet into a zoo, but in this story it’s actually the least important. Although this is the unwritten rules, that will not necessarily bring you popularity to one of the social networks, your personal or corporate website, YouTube channel or elsewhere on the Internet, it is certainly for those who live “on the internet and from him “for those is more than appropriate to look at this infographic.

Because, you can find out what’s the ideal post length on Twitter or Facebook, how many characters should include the name of your website domain and which is the most popular extensions, how to write high-quality e-mail message, which will be neither too long nor too short, what is the average length of videos that are most popular on YouTube, and much more….

It’s not secret that the success on the web is harder to achieve, the competition is bigger, and this is one way to become familiar on how perceptions of hundreds of millions of people that you may want to convert to your “followers” or customers …

Below you can check infographic about The Secrets of ideal post on the Internet: