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What Users Say About Personalized Search


Search on the internet is constantly evolving which means that adapts to your needs and makes it more than just time on the Internet which gives you a bunch of links. Consumers are not interested in just search on the internet by navigate between links, channels and devices. Therefore, search engines like Google, devising new ways for searching on the Internet –  that will bring more relevant results and more personalized search.

How penetration in the smartphone market is growing inexorably, mobile devices are becoming the focus of search engines and thus adjust their search engine and the search results for these devices in order to facilitate search on the Internet to users and retain them.

Through your searches on the Internet, most data from your phone ends in a database browser, and tells them, who’s searching, what you searching for and from where are you searching, which ensure this effective platform for advertisers. Following your behavior and interact searches on the Internet allows access to your location, where you move and what your interests are. Through these forms you can offer your products and services using internet marketing exactly to those people who are close to your store and have a vested interest in your products and services. Thus effectively build your clientele.

Below you can check infographic which shows what users sayand think about personalized search: