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Classroom Technology Evolution


Nowadays, in the time of technology evolution it is impossible to imagine formal and informal education without using computers and new technologies. Computers and the Internet has become a part of student’s life – before, during and after the teaching process. Technology development give us the opportunity not to use only images and written text, but other multimedia elements as well – sound, video, different simulations and animations etc. It is important to understand how different media elements function together and how they influence the learning process and knowledge adoption. To choose right and suitable tools and multimedia software for education is equally important.

Multimedia and new technologies bring broad range of new tools, but also make possible new and innovative approach to teaching. In the same time, learning is faster, more functional and more available.

Multimedia technologies enable new educational content. Thanks to the large increase of applications in education, today’s students have the possible choice of fast and functional learning. From video and instant messaging to time training using hand-held computers and smartphones, technologies that are commonly found in organizations and homes – provides teachers and students a range of new tools that have the potential to make learning so much more diverse and better.

Below you can check infographic which shows classroom technology evolution through years, and some statistics about using technology in classrooms: